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  1. 1.) Unreleased ATS demo 2.) Unreleased ATS demo 3.) Unreleased LT b-side 4.) Unreleased LT b-side 5.) Unreleased MTM demo 6.) Unreleased MTM b-side 7.) Unreleased MTM demo 8.) Unreleased LT demo 9.) Unreleased ATS b-side 10.) Unreleaed ATS b-side yeah, I could have been more creative with that. :|
  2. I'll listen to the leak when it comes out. Because damn it, I preordered the album twice. I'm not gonna feel guilty. At all.
  3. Wikipedia, no citation, and this is worthy of news? I wouldn't jump the horse just yet. My fake senses are off the charts. Anyone can edit wikipedia. However, props for mentioning to take everything with grains of salt-- but this should be taken with an entire truckload of salt. I'd be shocked if they were real, judging from the source. And as for what they'd gain from it: Lulz?
  4. My apologies for being a complete and total fucking worst of humanity jerk.
  5. Don't freaking jump to conclusions where there are none. kthnx. This. Is. NOT. A. CONFIRMATION. Therefore why is this in the news section. I mean, goddamn.
  6. 'scuse me sir, but why do you claim to know what the band would consider viral?
  7. And lo, Rolling Stones took words out of context, and the fanbase imploded upon itself.
  8. I would download this, but it's kinda big. >_> Can't mainly because my net has an arbitrary cap set by my ISP @ 80GB.
  9. I have a feeling that it'll be the same kind of deal as the Kerrang! interview. However, I could be mistaken-- I want scans, nonetheless.
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