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  1. I hope they at least give us some idea of what time DBS is coming on.
  2. I'll tell ya what, I haven't seen TH skateboard in a long time.
  3. Walking In Circles. I was caught singing it and that means I like it.
  4. I hope they come ou with better designs, none of them really interested me. Maybe helping hands or gravel, but still.
  5. It should've been Guitar Hero or Rockband Linkin Park.
  6. Borellus

    Inside Of Me!

    I like it, wish it was a bit longer, but hey it's rocking.
  7. Borellus

    My Suffering!

    Sounds pretty awesome.
  8. Sure bro, I appreciate it. Just send me the link in PM.
  9. Sucks because for some reason my computer won't let any other upload sites work except for mediafire.
  10. Those shoes look awesome, I need to get me a pair.
  11. Can anyone upload Fire to mediafire?
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