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  1. 45 minutes ago, Hahninator said:

    I am not sure what made you think this, but honestly that opinion is completely false... literally not true at all. And there has never been 1% of a hint in any direction that WBR is forcing them to make a certain style of music. WBR has no control over what LP does with the style of music they make or even what song they release as a single now, listen to Mike's comments literally this week how WBR was strongly opposed to Catalyst as a lead single for ATS but LP makes the calls and Catalyst was what was happening. Same for GATS, I'm sure.


    The most "WBR pushes LP to do something" move we have ever seen is when MTM was finished, they thought it would be good for LP to have a big lead single as a comeback, so Mike and Chester quickly wrote What I've Done... one of their best/biggest songs. It's truthfully Mike is the master of everything with a nice dash of Chester and Brad, and WBR says "ok" to what the band does. I just watched an interview with Phoenix where he said the label fully trusts Mike to produce the LP albums now because his track record is so good with the band. LP made OML because LP wanted to make OML.


    I'm surely thinking that way because i've seen other artists/bands out there that have to follow the specific requirements for album release. everything is in contract. for label, they wanna make profits. for the band, they wanna an art to be creative, delivered to fans. sometimes, both will not goes for the same way.


    just wondering, why THP marketing worst than OML? i might think the label playing around with THP releases while OML, they pushed it futher because that's what they wanted. but maybe it's kind of nature thing in music world. to say WBR has no control, i dont know bout that because LP needs them instead of WBR need LP. they have a longtime deal.


    just like how Metallica created St. Anger, getting backlash from the fans and they comeback with Death Magnetic but wasnt fully enough. finally with Hardwired, they back to the roots. maybe for LP,  they have plan to release a contrast album style after OML (could be rock album, electronic, idk) but eventually the plan has to be scrapped.


    this is just my opinion. i love OML but it's not up to THP. if LP can go on their own just like Blackened Records, that will be fkin amazing.

  2. 6 hours ago, Comfortinthepanic92 said:

    THP is their worst record by far, the first half is Empty and dull, it recovers from Wastelands on. 


    THP always better than OML. that's my opinion. OML is like an album where the label really wanted/force the band to do it after THP didnt do so well in the commercial market. gotta say WBR is the mastermind of everything. they literally make THP failed so badly by having worst marketing, tour and more. so, the band had no choice by following the order to make this pop rock record which most of the fans really disappointed. personally, the album is good but not better than the rest of their catalogue.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Justin said:

    My question now is: Do we think the rest of their albums will have a 20th anniversary release of some kind as they start coming around in the future? Or is this only a thing because it's Hybrid Theory?


    I got a feeling METEORA might get this kind of release since it's not far away to their 20th anniversary but for the rest, still long way to go. For Metallica, they didn't care much bout anniversary. when they start out with Kill Em All & Ride the Lightning, it's for the 33rd and 32nd anniversary respectively. maybe they'll plan to release it earlier than waiting till 10th or 20th anniversary.

  4. 11 hours ago, michalangelo said:

    Remember guys, they have asked fans for everything HT related, from ticket stubs, magazine clippings/cuttings, photos etc. to live video footage! I guess these images will be used in some sort of an art book?! and promotional posters!


    i imagine it'll be like Metallica releases. pages of collage with posters, ticket stubs and more. 


    3 hours ago, xeroboi said:

    Can't wait to hear she couldn't in better quality 


    i know right? proper releases of "She Couldn't" will be great. once it release on streaming platform, people worldwide will listen to it for the first time (not for hardcore fans obviously).


  5. 3 hours ago, xeroboi said:

    Swear mike said Chester didn't sing over those tracks 


    Hmm, nope. Chester did record his vocal on those tracks and send the tape right back to Mike and that's the reason why he come for audition later. the rest is history. 

    3 hours ago, leftshoe18 said:

    If we end up getting studio version of Reading My Eyes with Chester and Stick and Move that'd be fucking dope.


    i'm 99% sure we will get it soon. imagine the vocal. omg. 

  6. 22 minutes ago, Hahninator said:

    The one thing they have never released from that era that would be cool to see is them in the studio recording some songs. In the End, Papercut, etc vocal sessions, guitar tracking, anything. Did they think at that time to film that stuff? Or only Meteora onwards?


    if i'm not mistaken, they do shot behind-the-scene but maybe it's not much as the other album forward. Example: there's a shot where Mike & Chester recording vocals for "Points of Authority" in the recording booth. I'm sure there's more of it.

  7. 34 minutes ago, xeroboi said:

    Just hope it on spotify


    Surely it will be available on Spotify. Just like how Metallica did. 


    9 minutes ago, Vinescence said:


    Second that. Also hope whatever they release isn't like 1000 exclusive copies


    Since "Hybrid Theory" is masterpiece album, it won't be 1000 exclusive copies. But, the limited edition/bundles might have limited copies.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Subs said:


    1) I was just trying to clarify what i said

    2) WTF you on about GD for ? whats that got to do with anything


    My feelings on LP has nothing to do with GD. More about OML being the fitting final album with chester and that there isnt an LP without chester


    the way you clarify is nonsense. you make it seems like LP = Chester and when Chester's gone, LP should gone too. do you think bout the other bandmates that working hard before? no, i dont think you care.


    everyone knows that you and JZLP always the one who thinks GD is god and everything they did is perfect. whatever Mike did nowadays is considered trash to JZLP. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Subs said:


    Not trying to be a dick, Im just against LP returning and OML seems to be the fitting final album. Thats what i meant.


    but you just did bro. you expecting LP is dead and Grey Daze will be continue the legacy of LP? not even close. 


    4 hours ago, JZLP said:

    Generic as fuck


    better than Amends. sorry.



  10. 33 minutes ago, Hahninator said:

    Why is the band reporting legitimate eBay auctions of GD material as fake and fraudulent to get eBay to take them down?


    Why is the band blocking the sale of legitimate material on Discogs?


    If they are worried about counterfeit items, Mace himself is who printed the fakes and sold them after arguing with the LP community about them. The items being blocked and reported by GD now are actually legitimate items. 


    Why are they removing every video of past material from YouTube?


    Cash grab 100%. Haven’t ever seen a band exhibit behavior like this. They are nuts. 


    GD fans won't admit it was a cash grab. that's sad.

  11. This shouldn't be in the Newswire at the first place. Not worthy. 


    Anyway, JZLP and Subs can start running a new platform "Grey Daze Live" with a tagline that sounds similar to LPLive: "Hosted by FANS for FANS".

    It's kinda pathetic to think how this will ends. But hey, you guys deserve to love it but LPL doesnt need those input that you guys give. 


    LP Ambassador is a initiative by LP management. they've been dealing with LP management long time and now, GD used them. GD can just ask Chester's fan but they know using LP fanbase can get them big coverage = more money. 


  12. He's back with another album theme instrumental demo, this time it's for "Reanimation"! I don't think he's gonna release it for free download as usual.


    To be honest, this demo sounds more like LIVING THINGS/LP RECHARGE stuff instead of Reanimation. What do you guys think?




  13. After releasing a "Hybrid Theory-style" demo, now Mike back back with another theme, an ATS-style demo. 


    There's no word from Mike that he will release it like he released the HT-style demo for free via LPU email. 


    For now, you can check it out below and watch how he made the track. The samples in the track came directly from Mike’s ATS folder. 



  14. 22 minutes ago, lpliveusername said:

    To be honest, I think the guitar sounds a lot more like the A Thousand Suns demos from LPU XIV than anything else. There's some resemblance to the Meteora demos on the softer parts, with the piano and samples, but nothing really from the Hybrid Theory era. The synths are more modern, like the pre-One More Light demos from LPU 16. I do hear resemblance to What I've Done / Minutes To Midnight towards the end like it was mentioned here. It isn't really a good track to me, but it's nice to have something new released to the LPU.


    it isn't really good track because it's not an actual song at the first place. Mike already stated that he'll making a demo based on HT style but not really a track that he'll polish like "Open Door". He just randomly jam within an hour to complete this. 


    On the another note, I really love this track because it simply reminds me of LPU track back in the days. Not like the other Corona Jam session, he did lots of track which more like his solo stuff.

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