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  1. In My Remains... has a M2M feel to it at points, and the bridge is my favorite on any LP song
  2. I really like how the snippets are sounding... I'm really excited now ^^
  3. I fixed that up a bit for you. However, I understand how you didn't notice a lot of that guitar stuff. For me, guitar is like every other instrument, to be complementary to the song. However, rock music made it the focal point of the song, and LP obviously saw it as that in the beginning as well. I love what LP makes, whether it be fully guitar based or electronic based, but I love how they blend their instruments together more, and that's what ATS did very well. I'm not very good at expressing this, but it's good to know that there was more guitar there than it seemed ^^;
  4. I don't have any real order for these, but here we go: 1. Iridescent: My God, this song is just beautiful. From Mike's verses, to the almost progressive like guitar riff, to the intense gang vocals and drumming, this song is just perfect, IMO. 2. Breaking The Habit: This is the song that got me into LP back in 2008. This song is precious to me, because it was my first taste of non-heavy guitar driven songs (growing up listening to Metallica and Van Halen), and it introduced me to the band that basically changed my life. 3. In The End: This is the song that introduced me into the heavier side/ rapping side of Linkin Park. I never realized that LP had rap in it till I heard this song. Ever since then, I've warmed up to rap overall, and I've become a rapper (rock rapper lol) thanks to Mr. Troll and this incredible song. 4. Little Things Give You Away: Wow, this song is just intense. (That's all I can say lol) 5. Given Up: Dat scream. DAT SCREAM. Holy crap, that song. It definitely tailored to my old tastes that I grew up with, and the song was just an awesome way to get my angst out. (Sorry, I'm 16 ^^ 6. In Pieces: I'm actually listening to this right now, and it took a while to get into this song, but I just love it. The melody, Chester's vocals, and the solo... some of the best LP has done, especially during that period. 7. Papercut 8. A Place For My Head 9. Waiting For The End: What isn't great about this song? It's awesome in all respects. 10. Robot Boy: When this song was released, I hated it. I've never hated a Linkin Park song before, but I HATED this one. However, I could never get it out of my head. So I kept listening to it, over and over, and now it's one of those songs that I can't live without. It's simple, but it's powerful, and I love it. HONORABLE MENTIONS: 1. Crawling 2. Blackout 3. Hands Held High 4. From The Inside 5. Across The Line 6. Blackbirds 7. Burn It Down (already lol) 8. Forgotten 9. Leave Out All The Rest 10. Shadow of the Day
  5. Wow, Foo Fighters are killing it. I got a new band I wanna see live now lol. Hope LP does well... this is gonna be a good night.
  6. MSG 2/4/11 lol... the crowd coulda been better, but it was still incredible [i went to a DBS concert in '09, but I don't count that as LP, only one step before though ]
  7. Before ATS was released, it was Breaking the Habit, no questions asked. Now Iridescent has taken that coveted spot on the Joker's top LP song list.
  8. You're my ally now. Comprende?

  9. Well, let's be realistic here. 2030 sounds just about right, but even that may be too soon. lol.
  10. Must. Take. Advantage. Of. This. ASAP. Lol. This was a good idea on Mike's part
  11. Addition to my original list: Guitar: I can play No More Sorrow in full now, learned by ear. Bass: What I've Done, easy, fun, and learned by tab in like 10 minutes.
  12. Happy the forums are back can't wait till the site is up again!
  13. B-13 because I witnessed live xP
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