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  1. im excited to check this out and hopefully more to come! but they could do a better job with russian translation
  2. can't wait! hopefully ill get my hands on some MS merch too
  3. Cologne was first solo eu show announced if im not mistaken, no surprise it got sold out so quickly. (with still many overpriced tix available on resellers like seatwave/viagogo etc). If someone will sell tickets at reasonable price ill try to make it there too
  4. yea yea i was freaking dreaming about Tokyo since it was announced, but it's too expensive to go. Also japanese shows are festivals too, so i can pass these kinda weird lot of promoters didn't catch up (so far at least) on this tour (like spain, ukraine, hungary etc)
  5. Hey guys, not a a frequent guest on forums here, but checking LPL here & there like for years.. Any of the LPL fam going to see MS in europe this august/september? I've bought tix to september shows in Vienna (7th) and Stockholm (3rd), and thinking about maybe Offenbach or Paris (which got cool festival lineup) shows in August if i'll get extra cash. I thought it would be cool to meet up, or maybe get the airbnb/bookings together etc!
  6. Looks like band finally nailed the setlist, sounds awesome!
  7. this contest sucked badly. winners uhhmm "art" does suck (no, not because I didn't won), it's suck because it's just a live trace of tf wallpaper. did the band even seen all entries? i really think that some person just picked at random, and didn't even seen all of works. nobody cared about the rules, that's lame. it feel like a slap for all the people who put an effort in this. anyway, thought i share my art with you guys too. feel free to use it wherever you want.
  8. best news about upcoming record so far. \m/
  9. wow he mentioned 'with you'. hope they gonna bring it back. im tired of papercut and ht stuff they've played for years without changing
  10. where the f8ck is wretches & kings? lp went insane on not including this song to setlit. :/
  11. uhm.. it's been known since last lpuchat with mike... he talked about it there.
  12. Into You The lyrics are just mine, cant explain it, but i feel this song most on the album. You're always be the one to catch me
  13. omg anyone from uk, can you just watch it on youtube, ch4 or whatever and download via enormous q-ty of plugins, or with orbit downloader, ot just take from the browser cache.... come on its simpliest thing ever! i cant do this cause of proxy restrictions// drop that sky+ idea...
  14. just wait till someone from uk will download it from youtube. or use uk proxy
  15. ok no luck with that, no youtube download services or plugins working via proxy.. but you can watch it online. need to wait till someone from uk gonna download it
  16. the catalyst / waiting for the end / iridescent / numb mixed with interviews, prerecorded in burbank. i just managed to watch it online via uk-proxy, but no luck with downloading. ill try some few things later..
  17. oh come on stupid copyright bullsh*t... there gonna be someone from uk here... can you guys download them with keepvid or whatever??
  18. i hope video gonna be 5:42, not like the edit version that featured on moh trailer and catalyst lyrics video....
  19. sick review. this album gonna blow!
  20. wrong on transformers3, he said until it wont be confirmed on 100% they wont announce it. lp was featured in 2 tf movies, as the main music title for the film what makes you think that they wont be included this time, especially when its a year until TF3 release.
  21. number 12 FTW! the best. 10 is cool, but instruments sounds lame
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