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  1. I really like the new songs, especially "Over Again". It's very touching and in the end I always have the feeling like Chester is singing the background vocals (These "ooo"s). Actually I think that Over Again sounds more like Linkin Park than the album "One more light". I know i'll probably get some hate for this message, but for me I hear more LP out of it than of any song in OML.
  2. I'm also looking forward to see your compilations. Good work, keep going!
  3. Here in Switzerland, OML debuted on #2. It's with Hybrid Theory and Living Things the third album which didn't debute on #1.
  4. Uh nice, I hope we'll get an OML II in two years if it was such a success. (NOT)
  5. I just listened through it. It's not a "bad" album like in "the songs are bad". I enjoy some of the songs. The real problem I have is, it's music from Linkin Park. Many of the songs sound like all the songs running at radio stations since three years, and that's not what I expect from Linkin Park. In past times, mainstream radio musicians were copying the music LP did. With this album, I think the opposite is the case. For me, it's the worst album by Linkin Park, by far. It has some decent songs, some bad songs, and a really bad song (Heavy). But nothing is exciting. This is going to be the first album which I don't buy.
  6. Well. The song is, as some of you already said, not very bad, but not very good either. It's below average for Linkin Park for sure, but less annoying than Heavy or BS. Also I want to say, this is probably the first album where I think Mike sings better than Chester. 8 years ago, I never thought I ever would say this.
  7. Are you kidding me? Easier to Run is the most underrated song Linkin Park has ever made.
  8. It's really strange that they could answer the hard questions with information about things happened 15 years ago, but not how many tracks there are on ATS.
  9. I think the song overall is okay. I really don't like the instrumentalisation of the song. I can't hear any guitars or a bass in it, also no physical drums...
  10. After hearing Heavy and Battle Symphony, it's hard to believe that OML has the best songwriting in their career.
  11. "Linkin Park" is nowadays more like Mikester Park
  12. lol actually I think I'd like a heavy version of heavy. Chester sounds great on the last instagram video
  13. I must say, Chester sounds like a thousand times better in this performance than in the recorded version. Why did he had to sing this ugly "I'm crying soon" way instead of singing proberly? I mean, I just listened to "Pushing me away" and his voice sounds awesome if he just sings silent and calm like in the verses of PMA. Though, even if Chester sounds good on this song live, I still don't think it's a good song. It is catchy indeed and it's something I would always sing with when I'm at a concert or something, but it's nothing I want from Linkin Park.
  14. Well, it's hard for me to find words for this sond. I've been a fan of Linkin Park since 2009, but I always listened more to their older stuff. I was kinda shocked about ATS, but it has the vibe of Linkin Park. Living Things had some good songs, but it was far away of the quality of Meteora. THP was nice - but it felt like the album wasn't finished. And now this - I'm just disappointed. Chester sounds weaker than ever. I'm surprised that the thing that I like the most on that song is Kiiara. She sounds good and like a hundred times stronger than Chester. If the rest of the album sounds like Heavy, I'm done with Linkin Park as my favourite band.
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