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  1. Sorry but you have a really bad habit of trying to rewrite history in regards to why you were banned or claiming LPA bans for frivolous reasons. This isn't the first time you claimed this, and like I said before, you're absolutely incorrect. You were banned for the same exact reasons that you'll likely be banned from LPL soon too (if you're not already) which is usage of homophobic slurs, and being an all around confrontational and non-contributing person to our community. Given that you've exhibited the same behaviors here on LPL, it's honestly confusing and outright indefensible that you are still here. I'm flattered you think highly of me, but I cannot unfortunately say the feeling is mutual. Not based off of how you've carried yourself in the LP community. Like the person in your avatar, you have a bad habit of not thinking before you speak, saying comments that land you in hot water, and then turning around and acting like everyone is simply out to get you or that you're not in the wrong. Drop the victim act man. If you knew how to ACT people wouldn't have issues with you. Period.
  2. Geki, you have to be the biggest tool in the world. I honestly cant understand why you still have posting privileges on here because you really are a piece of work. And no I dont mean that in a good way.
  3. The only reason I said 'should be' is cause I couldn't hear the tracks at work. But judging by my staff at LPA saying it sounds just like Mike, and given that he went by Kenji, and is listed in the booklet? Yep these are the real deal...unless Mike somehow says otherwise. Fantastic find my good man!
  4. Good news: These are likely legitimate. Mike went by Kenji back in the day when he rapped with the Styles of Beyond crew, and they actually used to go by Junkyard Scientific (hence the Stick N' Move lyric). This was information Mike gave me back when he gave the xero lyrics to LPA, so the odds of this being legit...considering it says 'Kenji' are pretty decent. Good find man. Great job.
  5. Haha it pretty much was "here you go" with an attachment. The attachment was an RTF file with the 'updated' lines underlined. Aside from that, pretty boring. I wish it was more exciting, sorry if I disappointed you haha . No special info, nothing. Just 'here ya go'.
  6. I can't as there are some email addresses in there that are private, and not intended for the public. If the emails are needed to be seen for proof sake, Mark can give you all the verification you need that I'm not toying with anyone in this thread. I wouldn't mess with you guys like that. I legit only do these things (the lyrics, podcasts, interviews etc) to help the fans out. I merely do it out of loyalty to the fans since they're a big part of the reason LPA is still around after 15 years.
  7. The liner lyrics are incorrect in at least two spots. For example, mike doesn't say "my rhyme top it" like the liner notes suggest. He says "my hand". There's also 'you cant hack it though' instead of 'and cant hack it though' like the notes suggest. Read the lyrics that were sent to me while listening to the track, they're definitely more accurate than what was printed on the tape. The liner notes made at least 2-3 mistakes. Although that was definitely a boo-boo the band made on Fuse's chorus. Epic lulz.
  8. The band were working off an existing transcription and submitting 'corrections' so I believe it might've been a harmless mistake on the band's part to not notice that. As later demos do indeed have 'pain' if I recall. Either way, corrected it. Good catch .
  9. Reached out to the band. These are the straight from the source lyrics for the Xero Demo Tape. Just got them this morning. Enjoy: http://www.lpassociation.com/music/xero/
  10. I thank you for this, but I think it was just a case of management/publicity evolving their stance over the years. It took a long time to have management look at fan sites as 'press' and I honestly think AltWire is more to thank for that than most people think. After the '6 song preview' on AltWire went over so well with the fanbase during THP's release cycle, it seemed to completely change the way LPA was looked at (because the same guy -me- runs both sites), and in turn it probably improved how other fansites were looked at as well. Our websites were no longer just some 'fanzines', we were legitimately looked at as a good promotional tool for albums...as we should be. I really hope that come next year LPLive finally gets it's well deserved and well earned interview. You guys have been going on a decade. It's only right you get your shot .
  11. Honestly, all we do to get these things is coordinate with the publicity teams for the band. We don't have any special treatment, nor do we exploit any kind of special treatment or anything. So LPL and likely any fansite could get these things probably to be honest. Not putting down my own site or anything, just saying the truth.
  12. I think it's a decent song, but I can see what Mike means about the melodramaticness. Honestly, I think that's my biggest gripe with Meteora as a whole. Instrumentally it's a solid record, but songwriting wise, the lyrics wander far too much into melodramatic territory time and time again. Whereas Hybrid Theory seemed to try to use a lot of metaphors to describe betrayal/anger (the metaphors in APFMH being a huge example), Meteora was at times far too blunt and woe is me. And of course, when you're Mike's age (38) and that album was written when you were basically 25-26...it's really difficult to bring yourself into that same state of mind. I know the things I was worried about 12 years ago, are completely insignificant to me now.
  13. ....damn. Knew we forgot something
  14. Thank you massively for your support guys. We look forward to what Mike has planned for the fansites. Especially if it means us working together. 2016 should be a big year for the fansites, or in other words: "DIS GUN BE GOOD".\ Although, I'd recommend listening to the podcast and not reading the summary first because it spoils a lot of the surprises haha.
  15. To be fair though, neither LPA nor LPLive can really be faulted for being popular or getting activity above the official websites/fan club. LPLive in particular has been around for nearly 10 years, and my website LPA has been around since late 2001. We're going on almost 15 years as a website. When you have two sites open for a decade (or in my case, 5 years away from being TWO decades) and have periodically over that time period been mentioned by the band as a trusted LP news source (both sites), you're going to gather a following and a reputation and get known within the fanbase. The unfortunate thing with the LPU is that as fantastic of a deal as it is at times, as Mark so aptly put it: you can't force people to pay for the fanclub. It is ultimately blocked by a pay wall, which means that no matter how hard they try to make it as awesome as possible...it's never going to be available to everyone because not everyone can afford it. However; everyone can afford to go to a fansite because access is free and they don't have to do anything special to be a part of it, they just have to create a username and post without ever having to spend a dime. It's human nature to gravitate towards something free. I don't feel it's right to blame LPA/LPL for the decline of the fan clubs/official site, when we've both worked hard to get to the point we're at. If anything, blame the LPU for their ill-advised partnerships with companies like Ning, and for removing the original LPUMB, which was a huge blow to the fan club when that happened. The LPU is a fantastic fan club now, but there were a few missteps along the way to get there. That can hardly be blamed on either fansite. We've just done 'us' for all these years, and people chose to follow our sites because of it.
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