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  1. I thought Astat was the Astat of SOB/FM/GBC. ?
  2. The version of 'Hard' on Reseda Beach is produced by J Dilla. The version on Razor Tag is the same version, with the last verses (approx. the last :58 of the song) being remixed by M.S.
  3. Cheap met him at a GRAMMY party. They exchanged details, and Mike did the track for no money; for a bottle of scotch (this was before he quit drinking entirely). EDIT :: It may also be a good time to remind anyone that didn't know/forgot that Michael Bublé just recently did a track with Shinoda that has yet to be released.
  4. It's now up in the UK iTunes Store :: http://bit.ly/BuriedSessionsUK
  5. +∞ for accuracy. It should be up in more non-U.S. stores within the next few days.
  6. I'm obviously a bit biased, but these are seriously gorgeous recordings. Thanks for posting, man.
  7. Just be sure to read that full post - he's not leaving the band, he just won't be touring with them for a while. Not that he won't be missed on tour by all of the fans, but his presence will still be in the music itself. EDIT :: It could also be noted that some countries' iTunes Store will have the SDS EP available for purchase in about 2 weeks (December 16, according to the German iTunes Store - pre-orders are available now).
  8. I'm just waiting for somebody to make a Grey Daze joke for "B12".
  9. Me thrice - the video is set to private.
  10. Happy Birthday man! Always appreciate the help.
  11. I would like to relate a message from the Wall Street Journal :: "A Happy 33rd Birthday to Brad Delson, the guitarist from Linkin Park".
  12. A little late posting this here, but if anybody wants the Fort Minor Militia tracks.... :: http://www.sobcentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51398
  13. I'll be supporting LPL in spirit (Mark: have Derek wear an LPL shirt and raise his hand for me, will you? Thanks.) I also vote for Phoenix or Rob as the other band member, they don't do as many interviews as the other guys do.
  14. Dead By Sunrise - "20 Eyes" Because after an entire year, it, like me, still hasn't been released to the general public.... And yes, this is a genuine entry. Great giveaway, by the way - thanks LPxDC.
  15. YES. Plus, a Julien-K Remix of a track would be nice. EDIT :: By the way, if anybody wants to update the post to include the iTunes version of the single :: http://itunes.apple.com/album/waiting-for-...gle/id393798637 It features one of The Catalyst remixes instead of the WFTE Remix.
  16. Happy B-Day, man! Have a good one!
  17. RYU just dropped me a line with some info - check it out! :: http://www.sobcentral.com/forum/showthread.php?p=62721
  18. Scoop was originally going to work on a remix for The Catalyst, but Wretches And Kings was either done instead of, or in addition to that.
  19. Why would you think that they're fighting?
  20. That was a really good interview - thanks for posting it.
  21. Your username: JaySinkie Username of your nominee: Nameless Which prize they would receive: LPU CDs Reason for nomination: Because along with running his own LP fan-site, he's also become a staple member here on LPL, and his posts are always enjoyable to read. It would be nice to have someone who contributes regularly, plus someone who isn't able to participate in the U.S.-only contests win such a great prize pack.
  22. RYU just blessed us over at SOBCentral with an exclusive interview. Check it out! Exclusive SOBC Interview w/ RYU If you can't access our forums, please send any thoughts either to our SOBC Twitter, or to me directly.