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  1. I thought Astat was the Astat of SOB/FM/GBC. ?
  2. The version of 'Hard' on Reseda Beach is produced by J Dilla. The version on Razor Tag is the same version, with the last verses (approx. the last :58 of the song) being remixed by M.S.
  3. Cheap met him at a GRAMMY party. They exchanged details, and Mike did the track for no money; for a bottle of scotch (this was before he quit drinking entirely). EDIT :: It may also be a good time to remind anyone that didn't know/forgot that Michael Bublé just recently did a track with Shinoda that has yet to be released.
  4. It's now up in the UK iTunes Store :: http://bit.ly/BuriedSessionsUK
  5. +∞ for accuracy. It should be up in more non-U.S. stores within the next few days.
  6. I'm obviously a bit biased, but these are seriously gorgeous recordings. Thanks for posting, man.
  7. Just be sure to read that full post - he's not leaving the band, he just won't be touring with them for a while. Not that he won't be missed on tour by all of the fans, but his presence will still be in the music itself. EDIT :: It could also be noted that some countries' iTunes Store will have the SDS EP available for purchase in about 2 weeks (December 16, according to the German iTunes Store - pre-orders are available now).
  8. JaySinkie

    "Set B13"

    I'm just waiting for somebody to make a Grey Daze joke for "B12".
  9. Me thrice - the video is set to private.
  10. Happy Birthday man! Always appreciate the help.
  11. I would like to relate a message from the Wall Street Journal :: "A Happy 33rd Birthday to Brad Delson, the guitarist from Linkin Park".
  12. A little late posting this here, but if anybody wants the Fort Minor Militia tracks.... :: http://www.sobcentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51398
  13. I'll be supporting LPL in spirit (Mark: have Derek wear an LPL shirt and raise his hand for me, will you? Thanks.) I also vote for Phoenix or Rob as the other band member, they don't do as many interviews as the other guys do.
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