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  1. I wonder, if we could come up with a list of locations attendees will represent. Maybe we can even decorate a venue with flags... Band historically used to put flags on stage to demonstrate their dedication to the fans, maybe this is the time when we demonstrate ours that way? Looking at the photos from the venue, seems like it is going to be possible.
  2. Section H. Flying from Belarus. Would be really great to meet some of you guys if there'll be a meetup.
  3. That's not true actually. Not sure about Brasil/China, but as for Belarus/Russia, band usually visit those as part of European tour. The thing is, that usually european tour is 90% European Union. However, both Russia and Belarus have border tolls - and those tools is something that should be payed by event organizer, so that affects ticket price.
  4. What is the music used as a background for the Chester's speech?
  5. Wrong I have 2 copies, both with country info: 697, 817
  6. Mountain Song by Jane's addiction was performed with Chester (1, 2) as well. Black Strobe - I'm a man (??) was also played (w/ ZZ Top).
  7. TRT copies aren't number as far as i know. Can't say that i'm 100% sure - my copy is on it's way - but from what i can tell from photos on eBay - nope, no numbers for TRT.
  8. Interesting - RTR vinyls are numbered, but since the RSD release is limited to 3000 copies worldwide - does it mean that the numbers are in range from 00001 to 03000? I saw copies with number that's not at this range twice at least. Proof.
  9. Road To Revolution - 2LP+DVD - $39.98 (eBay) - 5 copies available atm The Rising Tied - 2LP - $25.98 (eBay) - 5 copies available atm Both are available from the same seller.
  10. Both TRT and RTR RSD releases are a part of 'RSD First' releases - titles that will be available in wider circulation later, so it makes sense.
  11. I googled a bit - linked performance was actually 1 hour special. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to confirm if it was a recording from 13.09. Some BBC shows are available for purchase at BBS Store, unfortunately no performances from 2001 available (yet?). I believe we should dig more - once i found information in tour itinerary i thought that performance was canceled, but now i'm starting to think that there's a chance that it actually happened. As for the ITE performed for the second time - well, it was a hit single
  12. Yep, because the actual performance was actually aired week before. Episode MVP vote doesn't list all performers.
  13. Seller listed new tour itinerary (2001) covering European dates (Sep 09 - Sep 25). Interesting thing is that it lists Top Of the Pops performance on Sep 13, which is not listed here at lplive. Can somebody comment that? Pic of the page with the dates can be found here.
  14. Where can i find list of stores participating in RSD16? I mean all of them, since it seems like recordstoreday.com lists only USA stores.
  15. I also have them all. Best way to share them is probably 1 torrent per year (or tour?) so they would be logically separated. That's the way Metallica's DSP where shared on demonoid back in the days at least (torrent per year). Plus, their total size (sine all of them files are MP3s) is somewhere around 48 GBs - not that big nowadays. Another question is the best way to provide descent download speed. 1 seed per hunderds (thousands) of leechs is not enough. So the torrent should be private for a first few days, so we can get a number of master seeds for everyone else. And yeah - tags. E
  16. Do we have at least one person here who bought VT and gonna watch it at least? I guess i can try to capture if but i'm not familiar with technical details on how blizzcon will be streamed.
  17. I'll try to do that by the end of the week. Scans added
  18. Pooch (Berlin) and Gabe (Dusseldorf) I also have Fan Zone 2 (Dusseldorf) and Rock In Roma wristbands (the one from Roma wasn't really for the concert, it was for a transfer to the city center after the show, there was no special show wristbands) - not sure if you need them