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  1. invisible multitracks 6 track has leaked
  2. did anyone contact Marc Scarpa for this or was this forgotten about? 😂
  3. ah its fine haha i just wanted to see what was there is all.... files came as .mp4 and .ts but only the soundcheck came as an mp4 which is weird mega link
  4. thanks im not sure if ive got this but downloaded anyways
  5. uploading now EDIT - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mt-WkzCpT3mPvN2FpC_SkVrpOwH330Wb
  6. i think i have your rip but i am unsure the folder is called "2017-07-06 Birmingham, ENG, OML European Tour (Chester's Last Show)" is that your folder name as i haven't changed it with the bitrate of 192 - 199 kbps all in mp3 as well? if so ill upload it to whatever host you'd like
  7. thanks for this! EDIT - in regards to the torrent upload would you be able to add chapters for each song too?
  8. This was the point i was trying to make in a earlier post, once a source has been found someone will leak it. I still think that this topic needs to be "rebooted" with everything that has been leaked and what still needs to be leaked?
  9. im 99% sure that getting people to give money to this person wouldn't happen. This like this will leak eventually you just have to give it time. Also if we would to all band together to pay this, we (LPL) wouldn't be able to release these in any capacity...
  10. Thanks for this!! Having a listen now, quality is amazing! Is there any chance of a download?
  11. no idea there has been a lot of leaks lately which is weird, maybe someone is buying them from a trader and then leaking them? also i feel like we need to edit the main post with the newest leaks or create a whole new thread?
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