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  1. no idea there has been a lot of leaks lately which is weird, maybe someone is buying them from a trader and then leaking them? also i feel like we need to edit the main post with the newest leaks or create a whole new thread?
  2. wretches and kings have leaked
  3. uploading now will edit with the link EDIT - https://mega.nz/#!90lHHSBS!m2sBvwG7Qte5MSl3MQFDTDtKt9m8vElFPBjazewiUeY
  4. Introducing Songs That Saved My Life, a charity compilation for mental health awareness and suicide prevention available November 9th. Pre-order it now and learn more at http://songsthatsavedmylife.com.
  5. Linkin Park - Given Up (Instrumental) from Promo CD has been leaked not sure if this can go here though? EDIT - nevermind it already has been my bad
  6. thanks man could you upload to mega? if you get a chance to im not sure if ill be able to watch it live...
  7. will anyone be capping the show(s)?
  8. they should have never tried to sell them in the first place, that's pretty fucked up...
  9. heartagram_616

    Time Capsule

    Ask Ryan about the shows?
  10. heartagram_616

    Time Capsule

    Geki, Your'e welcome! I'm pretty excited about this coming out but i doubt we'll see this until the start of 2018 but who knows haha
  11. heartagram_616

    Time Capsule

    posted by Amir Derakh Dec 3, 2017 • 10:04AM PST **DECEMBER UPDATE** The Time Capsule is going to manufacturing this week! As soon as we get them in we’ll update you, and of course we’ll update you again when we ship them! This has been the most ambitious and difficult project we’ve ever taken on. 4 discs with 64 tracks PLUS a bonus disc of our Transformers score in a unique package with a big 12 page book of liner notes! Phew that’s a mouthful haha Two years of compiling, mixing and arranging these tracks and the artwork. Thank you for being patient and for all of your support. It means the world to us! We’re so exited to finally share this with you!! Here’s a little teaser pic of the layout of the package Happy Holidays from Julien-K! Amir, Ryan & Fu
  12. im still waiting on the papercut ones to be leaked lol
  13. i've put them into the back of my mind for the time being oh the runaway multi tracks are out there too
  14. yeah pretty bummed out that they havent been released yet but hopefully xmas will be fruitful...
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