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  1. Ok, I just wanted to be careful with other people's stuff and their privacy on things. But if you think it's ok I'll share that info. Most of the stuff come from Unofficial Linkin Park FanMade Albums. For the See demo it comes from his Unreleased and More Vol 3. The rest come from his Rare and Live 2001 which is weird cause.... none of it is actually live. the Untitled supposed New Divide demo come from his New Divide single album. The "Xero adamant" is from Linkin Park Mixes which I'm 100% you all know. I just decided to chop it up and actual found stuff that wasn't in Xero Current. they m
  2. I was unaware of the Mike's MPC situation. Thank you! As for A.07 I think I know what you are talking about. If it's this then no, what I got is very different and isn't a live rendition either. f i
  3. Consider this a follow up to my unknown Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park snippet. I got a collection of songs that I was organizing and getting ready to talk about on here. These are things I found over the years. It took me awhile to fully organize these as I wanted to be as accurate as possible with my notes. Also, some of these were massive mp3 files and I had to divide them up. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee amazing quality. I'm not claiming I have anything of importance here either. Just stuff I found over the years. It could all very much be junk lol So, I share these notes for the follo
  4. WAIT! You are right, I am wrong. Mike said a "week before Halloween in October" not a "week from now." Sorry about that. Ok ok, so there is no official date for this performance then. All I got to go off is my memory and obviously that is wrong lol. So this is most likely is Orlando, FL (in my opinion) and if it is then I am sure it is the Hard Rock Cafe (because the frame picture there on the wall has a date) and it's def before October and in the year 2000 based on context of how they talk about the album release. This would potentially place it in September then possibly the 12th based
  5. So, this might be a stupid question but how come the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, FL live show from Oct 16, 2000 isn't uploaded in the archives? This would be the same show that is in the bootleg Splitting the DNA album. I lived in Florida for most my life (only recently just moved) and I have been to the Hard Rock Cafe several times for Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and even the Game Grumps. There is a wall full of framed photos of bands that have played there and their dates. Linkin Park is up on this wall. Also, within the audio Chester can be heard saying "Hey hey, Orlando!" and Mike can be heard
  6. I'm 80/20 on it now. I would need the whole thing for me to convinced but it seems highly likely what everyone is saying is correct. I do appreciate all the help you guys. I got some instrumentals I could share as well if you are all interested. I know these are easier to fake, though.
  7. I think you guys are right. I went and relistened to Petrified and the most damning line to me was "dancing back to the days" which fits the "gone back to the days" part of this snippet.
  8. I guess that makes sense. You are the third to tell me it could be a remix. Fort Minor isn't something I know too well but I do know Petrified. I don't think it is Petrified but I see how it is similar. But I think I am leaning more to remix with the rest of you all. Thank you so much for the help and input. This one really had me scratching my head.
  9. Ok, update: I did a bit of searching. Was not at all hard to find since I got the info to go on. I searched both "GATS Transformers," "Guilty All The Same Transformers," GATS demo," and "Guilty All The Same demo" in Google with quotations. My results yielded another snippet, the same one, but is thirteen seconds long instead of six and called Guilty All The Same demo 2014. No tags in the properties. The lyrics are the same and the beat carries on longer. It is also lesser quality as if someone recorded it with a phone. A lot quieter. I asked my brother to lend his ears for what Mike is si
  10. I know, right? It 100% sounds like Mike and the fact that it's labeled 2014 demo but called GATS Transformers OST Snippet in the properties? And the lyrics don't match GATS at all? I can't make heads or tails on it.
  11. Ok, Last try lol. I think I figured it out. My fault haha. https://drive.google.com/file/d/196vdvT3EplQUdeGVOOWttVWFSe_MPpy1/view?usp=sharing
  12. Lyrically the second matches what Martinez said. Ummmmm, I can't remember tbh. I had some free time the other day and was surfing sites seeing what I could find. It was one of them. I know I was searching YouTube and a Russian MP3 site. I got sketched by that and left lol. I found a few things but these were the most notable cause they have lyrics.
  13. My guess would be Rock Am Ring 2004. Though I know he sung it in other performances.
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