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  1. It's probably safe to say that the second tape might be the vocals from the audition tape. It would give TJ an idea how to sing and what the band was looking for. Fingers crossed he gets it restored But wow that was awesome interview! I loved every second of that! Such an early look into the bands history that went unknown for such a long time. TJ if ya hop in here and see this thank you for telling your side of the story. It was super interesting to hear! And thank you LPLive team for making this happen!!
  2. That's what I mean. I can see them practicing Thoughts then part way through they start joking around and throw the wizard song lyrics over it. Not saying it's right or wrong but I can see it happening and so your theory might have weight to it
  3. I have to listen but i wouldn't put it past the band to be practicing/working on Thoughts and then just start joking and having fun during it.
  4. It's 100% not the title but unfortunately we can only work with what we got 😕 maybe it would be easier to press with other known demo titles. We could try asking him about Nocturnal, Shifter, or Plaster II. Not only will it help possibly narrow it down but we can potentially learn more about these obscure demos that we only have a titles for in the process.
  5. It's definitely when "when you use it all"
  6. A random thought I had. Seeing as Jeff said this was something Mike was creating for a soundtrack, do y'all suppose it might have a connection to the mysterious NBA Inside Stuff -BG Cues song?
  7. Nah, no confirmation. It could be or it could be another song. It might not even be to a song at all. I just read the words and said to myself, "well those sound like thoughts that would take away my pride" and kind of just made it a joke lol. I will say this, good eye on spotting these because if this is a song then we got some partial lyrics
  8. This. We got a lot already. Would it be nice if we got more? Yes. But I am glad with what have so far. Hell, we got PictureBoard. Thats something the fanbase has been wanting for such a long time. But I also agree that an unknown who has the cassettes or CDs is the best way for this stuff to leak. PictureBoard Xero version apparently was out for years on Soundcloud. And recently we got Rhinestone audition albeit a not so clean version. Then there's the previous Hybrid Theory demo CDs that found their way to eBay years back. This was a time when the band was searching for a label and this stuff circulated and changed hands. So I don't doubt that it will eventually pop up somewhere. It's anything after Hybrid Theory that will be hard to get I think if ever. I hold out hope that we might get more but I am also satisfied with what we have thus far and I will never complain if this it too
  9. I agree with Diaux. Timing would be bad especially after he just dropped a book talking about them. Plus, I think he wouldn't do it out of respect for the band and the friends and family of Chester. I know its been four years but still would be a jerk move to leak stuff like that.
  10. Hey, when ya find out please share so we can all stop calling it Thoughts Take Away My Pride lol I'm gonna go ahead and be the pessimistic one here but I actually highly doubt we will get anything more. At least officially. We haven't had an Underground CD in four years and Mike originally didn't want to do a HT boxset. He had to be convinced which makes me think he won't do it a second time for Meteora (I do hope it happens though). I actually think we have a higher chance of Hybrid Theory/Xero era stuff leaking, similar to how the demo CDs were found or Rapology songs, but even then I feel that is low sadly. Unless we get another HPOATT incident I just think anything Meteora and on is gonna be locked on Mike's hard drive for quite some time.
  11. Hm hm. I have no proof but my guess is this could be the same song as Thoughts That Take Away My Pride just another part of it. But it's lyrics/words on a wall so it could be any song or not a song at all.
  12. I think I was the one that brought that up. I remember seeing it pop up on BMI some time ago and it credited all LP members and an unknown person. Mark Wakefield was not on the list of credited people at the time. I copied and pasted this persons name into Google and found them on Soundcloud. They had Xero in their band name but weren't called Xero outright. Unfortunately, it has changed now so I literally have just my word with no proof, I can't even remember this guys name. I looked him up wondering if he had done a collab with LP but the song I heard 100% had nothing to do with them. So, I don't blame any if they doubt me.
  13. That's cool to know. Even if we don't get the songs at least we get a bit more Xero history. You guys been doing a lot of work with these interviews so thank you! Can't wait for the future releases!
  14. Tbh I dunno. It feels weird seeing all this from the outside. Guy has proof of the cassette, uploads proof with vague message, and never follows through/shows more. I really dunno what's happening here. I just hope it's nothing serious ya know
  15. Ok, I just wanted to be careful with other people's stuff and their privacy on things. But if you think it's ok I'll share that info. Most of the stuff come from Unofficial Linkin Park FanMade Albums. For the See demo it comes from his Unreleased and More Vol 3. The rest come from his Rare and Live 2001 which is weird cause.... none of it is actually live. the Untitled supposed New Divide demo come from his New Divide single album. The "Xero adamant" is from Linkin Park Mixes which I'm 100% you all know. I just decided to chop it up and actual found stuff that wasn't in Xero Current. they might exist elsewhere that I am unaware of though. I'm curious about the Al-B stuff. Isn't the 99 problems/ 1 step klsr trademarked by Warner? Or did i get misinformation along the way? So, Looking For An Answer demos could be real then? That's intersting to know. I was unaware of Mike attempting more with the song beyond Hollywood Bowl The remixes I was super iffy on. But decided last second to include. For PB, WAYW, and GGB I probably should of removed. That was my fault. What about The Mall I wasn't 100% as it did say unreleased and I wasn't sure about them.
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