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  1. I'm 80/20 on it now. I would need the whole thing for me to convinced but it seems highly likely what everyone is saying is correct. I do appreciate all the help you guys. I got some instrumentals I could share as well if you are all interested. I know these are easier to fake, though.
  2. I think you guys are right. I went and relistened to Petrified and the most damning line to me was "dancing back to the days" which fits the "gone back to the days" part of this snippet.
  3. I guess that makes sense. You are the third to tell me it could be a remix. Fort Minor isn't something I know too well but I do know Petrified. I don't think it is Petrified but I see how it is similar. But I think I am leaning more to remix with the rest of you all. Thank you so much for the help and input. This one really had me scratching my head.
  4. Ok, update: I did a bit of searching. Was not at all hard to find since I got the info to go on. I searched both "GATS Transformers," "Guilty All The Same Transformers," GATS demo," and "Guilty All The Same demo" in Google with quotations. My results yielded another snippet, the same one, but is thirteen seconds long instead of six and called Guilty All The Same demo 2014. No tags in the properties. The lyrics are the same and the beat carries on longer. It is also lesser quality as if someone recorded it with a phone. A lot quieter. I asked my brother to lend his ears for what Mike is singing. This is the variations we think we hear: "Move with might of the panic attack I like Down back to the days..." "Moon at night/panic attacked/I liked Gone back to what days...." "Move with mic/ the panic attacked I like Gone back to my days ...." So, I really don't what this is. Despite the name I am hesitant to say it is a GATS demo. I know it is something. An interesting thing my brother brought up is that if this is a demo it could just be Mike spitting out a beat to get a feel for the song or how he wants it sung. I know they have down similar methods before with MTM. So, that's all I got. I'll update with more if I find anything else. I'm gonna reupload for you all to listen to. Also, found a 2016 instrumental that I don't recognize along the way. I think that might be Riverline but y'all can listen to it and help with that too https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16k7nxcwNFaGaAvA1a4RBOUGscag9XOSf?usp=sharing
  5. I know, right? It 100% sounds like Mike and the fact that it's labeled 2014 demo but called GATS Transformers OST Snippet in the properties? And the lyrics don't match GATS at all? I can't make heads or tails on it.
  6. Ok, Last try lol. I think I figured it out. My fault haha. https://drive.google.com/file/d/196vdvT3EplQUdeGVOOWttVWFSe_MPpy1/view?usp=sharing
  7. Lyrically the second matches what Martinez said. Ummmmm, I can't remember tbh. I had some free time the other day and was surfing sites seeing what I could find. It was one of them. I know I was searching YouTube and a Russian MP3 site. I got sketched by that and left lol. I found a few things but these were the most notable cause they have lyrics.
  8. My guess would be Rock Am Ring 2004. Though I know he sung it in other performances.
  9. Do you know where the lyrics are from or what is exactly being sung? Doesn't sound like GATS to me but I can't exactly make it all out.
  10. yeah, sure. I uploaded it to my google drive. I personally don't recognize it but it most likely is just something I'm unaware of that has an official release. Also, I never uploaded to Drive before so let me know if you can see it or not https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qeJaLb9ybUF2zzQ7iJ-HI0qV9gd0PYAS/view?usp=sharing
  11. The first one is not a live version. Also, the music is different. The second one is 100% it thank you!
  12. So, I very recently came across two snippets of Mike rapping over a beat and I have no idea what they are really. I'm hoping you guys can shed light on them for me. One is titled "Linkin Park demo 2014" but in the properties it is labeled Guilty All the Same (Transformers OST) snippet. It is very short, six seconds long, and the lyrics from what I can hear go as follows: "Move with night (might?), the panic attack I like Go(Don't?) back to the days ... (can't make out the rest)" The second is simply labeled "Mike Shinoda 2016." It's nineteen seconds long. The quality is lower than the first but I can make the lyrics out much more clearly. It starts off with a low sounding guitar then pauses, almost like a skip. It picks up with the same guitar and Mike rapping. The lyrics go as follow: "..like the founder of Spotify streaming premium heat Your wounds need cauterized Right in front in front of every fickle fan that you're followed by Like black hat and hackers you'll be looking for compromise..." So, yeah. That's that. I would love to be enlightened on these if you guys know. If it's not against the rules I'll share the audio or I can give it to the staff.
  13. I havent read the book yet so if any of these are answered in it feel free to cross them off. There is an episode of LPUTV titled Perth Jam 1, Xero Reborn. Phoenix is playing a tune on the guitar and Chester and Mike comment about it being an old Xero song and that it never made it pass the demo stage. There is alot of speculation amongst fans about it. Do you know the name of the song that they are talking about? Recently I have found out the songs Carousel and Step Up were made back when the band was called Xero. What can you tell us about these versions of the songs? How different are they from the Hybrid Theory EP versions? Brad once mentioned an old Xero song called Spark Maker but fans aren't certain if this is a legit song or if he was joking. Are you able to confirm if this is a real song? What were your favourite songs and what songs do you wish made further in the creation process? What were your least favourite songs from the band? Slip is probably one my favourite songs but all we got was the Hybrid Theory version. Is there any notable differences in the Xero version? Do you have a fondest memory of working with the band? What do you look for in a band? What stands out that makes you go, " These guys are going to be great!" What made you think of becoming a record producer? What were some of your favourite bands to work with and how did working with Linkin Park compare to them? Which band that you worked with that you think had the most interesting creative process? I'll add more later as I think of them. Excited for this interview.
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