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  1. My favorite one is the intro to the Anaheim 2005 show and also the one used after the show for PR04 shows.
  2. The demos of LPU are fake anyways. And in the odd chance that they aren’t, I guarantee every single one has the wrong date.
  3. It was actually wrapped up in December of 2002. Literally no studio time in 2003. Astat confirmed it with Sean Paden years back. But yeah, I know what you mean about Mike slapping dates on them from the album they are from. I mean Basquiat was in no way from 2007, he just said 2007 because it was from the MTM sessions.
  4. Wow. Lol. Great find. Now a ''2003 demo'' (even though they never were in the studio in 2003), is now likely from 1999, or probably even prior to that.
  5. Happy birthday Legend. Gonna play all his guest features and solo music today.
  6. Epic post here. Learned stuff I didn't know, too.
  7. Man he has to put out another solo album! Seems like LP isn’t ready yet and another Mike album would be epic, and a tour too, once we are done with this virus. Idk why more people don’t want it. Everyone just says LP. Yeah, would be fucking awesome, but Mike said he’ll let us know when and if they are ready again and if they aren’t ready they shouldn’t be rushed the way they are, it’s wrong.
  8. Mike did most of the guitar work and stuff like that on THP and OML (except for some of the solos on THP, but he wrote them) so it makes sense. The guitars on LT and ATS I think he may have done too but the guitar on those albums mostly just kind of was a background for the songs since they were more electronic driven.
  9. I actually hate THP and OML and their respective eras and agree that PT is way better. I know it’s not what was said by you but I do think PT is leagues above. And so wasn’t the era and tour of PT. Also agree that there is no reason for a LPU CD right now. Maybe a boxset with a live show and some demos of anything. But agreed.
  10. Damn took that long? Had mine for like a month or more, but then again I’m from the U.S. Anyways, seems like there is actually no promo code and nothing else has ever been said on it. So I guess we just don’t get 3 dollars off like it said. Haha. Promotion is a joke for this remix album and always has been.
  11. I mean in terms of remixes/remasters it is new, yeah. But all of the vocals (whether they are ‘’alternate takes’’ or not) are from the 90’s.
  12. Pretty awesome. Hope he puts out a new MS album and this song is on it in a more complete form or maybe as a bonus track. Then he can tour! (Once the US and elsewhere is over the cold thing).
  13. Dancer is absolutely not from MTM. The finger picking style guitar work is ATS. I also believe you can hear it on the DVD briefly. And MTM was not the only album that they utilized donna vocals.
  14. I think you can hear Chester in it for sure like Ryan said.
  15. Where are the Valentine’s Day stems at? Need those.
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