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  1. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCHHHHH. Best live year of the band, ever. EDIT: Currently playing now. OMG the quality is great. Probably going to end up being my favorite PR04 show next to Somerset. And I just read the show notes. Wow. Morning After chorus? Solo after Wish? And Bert on Faint. Jonathan on OSC (less rare but still epic). OMG. This is the greatest thing to come out since the DBS demos and this is probably better. I love PR04. Thank you so much Felipe for sharing this. You are really an epic member of this site.
  2. My bad. That would be cool if someone could post the final list.
  3. Cool info. Been waiting for some kind of info on this track. Hmm.
  4. I remember Mike saying during an interview last year that he wanted to focus on producing for other artists in the future. I wonder if this is one of those cases. Maybe not, could be a collab, or even a collab and also a track he is producing at the same time. Endless possibilities, really.
  5. Why haven't LP released a B-Side album yet like The Used did with Shallow Believer in 2008? They could give us like a 21 song CD of B-Sides from all albums and make an album out of it. But no they won't do anything like that. Fans want to hear unreleased stuff. I guarantee each of the 7 albums had at least 3 complete B-Side songs. B-Side as in full songs like ATL. Chester said during an interview in 2017 that he has listened to thousands of LP demos. That means they have a lot and there is easily at least 3 complete songs per album. I'm not saying they should give us it all. But maybe 3 for each album would be fine and fans would love it. I know that I would personally buy multiple copies. If they took 3 B-Sides from each of the 7 albums, we could have a nice 21 track B-Side album that would shut fans up forever about unreleased stuff. The band are healing and it will take time, I understand that. But why not give fans something like this in the mean time? I think it would be really cool and right now is the best time to do it, if they ever are going to do it. It's been almost 2 years, I don't think people would view it as a cash grab. It's a reason to celebrate the band's legacy and Chester, too. Make it a proper release, with a CD, maybe a vinyl, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. I would buy multiple copies, like I said, and I think a lot of other fans would, too. They could even donate profits to MFR or the OML fund (if that's still a thing). Hell, even 320.
  6. I don't really agree with Warner or even the band if they have the same stance as Warner on this. But that's just coming from me personally, as a fan. I want to hear unreleased songs and demos from the LP vault spanning from 1999-2017. They have at least over 1000 of these tracks. Chester said in 2017 that he has heard over a thousand Linkin Park demos. They wrote A LOT for each album, fans don't realize this. I don't want Chester's memory to ever fade away. I want to hear his voice on stuff like this for years to come. Even if we get instrumental demos from 1999-2017, it was still made when Chester was alive in the band, you know? I want all that stuff. Why shouldn't they give us something like the Thoughts That Take Away My Pride demo from Meteora for example? It's from 2002, they are never going to do anything with it (and for the smartasses out there who say ''the band might work on it again in the future, seriously shut up with logic like that). Why not just give it to fans who have been asking for it since 2003? Honestly, Chester was my hero. Ever since he passed, what has helped me is listening to his voice and celebrating his life as a musician, just like how I got to know him as a fan. I love listening to Linkin Park. A lot of fans didn't want to listen to Linkin Park music after he passed, or it was too hard for them to do, even. But for me, it was the one thing that helped me, from literally the day he passed. I threw on One More Light the day he passed and I have been listening to Linkin Park ever since. I will always listen to them, forever. They are my absolute favorite band and it will never change. Even if they never make another song, I will still listen to them everyday for the rest of my life. I understand not wanting songs from Warner promo discs and stuff leaking, such as multi-tracks, etc. I'm fine with that. At the end of the day, they are a label, and they don't want full songs and multi-tracks and stuff just leaking online for anyone to download. I understand why the band wouldn't want it, either. But you have to draw a line at a certain point. I don't think you are a bad person as a fan if you listen to a leaked track.
  7. Eh... I'm gonna keep my mouth shut on this one. However, hope his family are doing well, as well as fans, regardless.
  8. What are the titles on the demo board? I need to know!!! Could be demos we never even knew about. It's from the ATS era, judging by Phoenix's look, I'd say from about early to mid 2009. I can see the title Robot Boy for sure. I also see one called what looks like ''Summer Camp''.
  9. I just discovered that What I've Done is actually from Sopron, Hungary. Watch the fan video on YouTube and it's identical the version on the OML Live CD. Mike says the same thing at the beginning and everything. Maybe this was already known but I thought some one said WID was from Amsterdam, it's definitely not.
  10. I don’t think he was featured in literally any interviews from Chris Cornell’s death to his death on July 20th. So yeah, that probably is one of the last ones. I have searched the internet and found nothing. I know it says it was uploaded May 24th (the one you posted) but it could have taken place shortly before Chris’s death.
  11. Only one that I would want to hear is Valentine's Day. Lol.
  12. I remember Audio Technica from MTM era.
  13. Does anyone happen to know the real ''last interview'' with Chester? I know this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYQy-vzeBQ says the last full interview but during the interview the interviewer says ''So Chester, you just had a birthday last week'', meaning that it took place prior to even April of 2017, and I know there were some after that for sure.
  14. Sorry. I'll try to not post stuff like that in the future.
  15. Warner Bros. Records wants it that way. They basically want everyone to just forget that the song ever leaked and never talk about it again.
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