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  1. So, i've been working on one the songs that i needed to remaster. heres some things that i've changed from the original one. INTRO NOISE: i've removed because it bother, not sure if was intentional. Removed the Crackle during Mike's line "Maybe someday I'll be just like you and"... (you need to listen to it a thousand of times to notice it) Turning down the Guitar and giving space to Bass... Well, that's one of the things that everyone agrees with. Turning up a little the drums. And Removing a little of the noise from the end tail. Let me know what y'all think, Peace! Download link: https://gofile.io/d/8tzjpj
  2. What's up LP Family? i was here wondering... if you could make a remaster of Hybrid Theory, what would you change from the original master? i can't really think about it since it's my favorite album of all time hahah, idk if that's why i don't see any defect on the master.
  3. You mean these ones? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wS9Ttargk6SMaw0tHJ9BlrVUjRHdpf74
  4. Part 1 remaster of Hybrid Theory Demos disc that i'm making, Tell me what you guys think. Disc 1: Hybrid Theory Demos (2020 Remaster) (Could we have a Meteora Demos released some day?) Demo notes from LPTV 2003. GOOP LPTV (2003) EP1 - The Writing Process : 2:36 LPTV (2003) EP2 - The Studio: 1:26 (Previously [1:12-1:26] it plays a beat that sound like a 2nd version of Goop) HURRY LPTV (2003) EP3 - Rock The Mullet : 1:50 GRR LPTV (2003) EP4 - The Studio 2 : 3:14 OTHER NOTES: LPTV (2003) EP2 - The Studio : [3:21-3:36] (this beats like it could be LA 003 Sequence (Since it doesn't appear on these demos)
  5. Short, for sure
  6. WOW, Great job on that, I found it randomly, I was trying to find a sample of a song, I ended thinking that I sounded familiar with RME
  7. Does Mike sampled or got the idea for the strings on this for Reading my eyes??
  8. Will, we have a piece of sample that have been leaked with tons of Hybrid Theory Demos last year (both named PIC_2 and PIC_3), funny enough THEY ALREADY APPEARED ON "TASTY GAS STATION" (5:32 https://youtu.be/D3WRQ3jDe90 ) SOURCE: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Party_Of_A_Thousand_Things#Disc_1:_Hybrid_Theory_Demos
  9. Yep, ooh that's nice.. i will also try to remove Xero's guitar, and maybe someone could track over it?
  10. iZotope RX7... all about this :
  11. https://instaud.io/3DPJ I also tried to remove Mike's part.. but "Much too easy" is very low, and not possible to be heard.
  12. Thank you for the support! i will work in another LP stuff to clean... i already did some. By Myself (Much too easy clip) - removed the noise By Myself stems - Removed noise from Vocal parts, Sample pad, String sample. Faint stems - Removed the vinyl pop from String sample track. My<dsmbr - Removed the noise from background. Forgotten - Removed the noise from the ending. I want to remove noise from the entire Hybrid Theory, She Couldn't... and all that
  13. https://youtu.be/A2gvFe-vqzc I was bored and decided to clean the Xero stuff... I know that a guy with the nickname skittle021 did the same in 2010, but i thought that it sounded too artificial and decided to do my own version... hope y'all enjoy it! Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!iocEgKza!wAzGpkMZtqK_Dcjk7m4Zi-TLG3ECbPuaZvKGo3EXHjg Contains: Rhinestone Reading My Eyes Fuse Stick N Move Closing Drop Fiends
  14. Put the Beats from LPTV 2003 season 1/Makin' of Meteora on the list.
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