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  1. Definitely agree. We have so little demos with vocals from that era (as opposed to the demos we got for POA or Forgotten or Crawling. Also, Meteora is iconic and I bet we'll get a boxset for it too
  2. Definitely 😂😂 but I was joking about the fact that Mike said they re-wrote SIB chorus 100 times 😂😂
  3. Yesssssss. Can’t wait for 10 SIB versions 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Play it down for sure, even from someone who is not English mother tongue
  5. Ugh that OSC cover. Appreciate the effort but ehhhh 6/10 at best. Wtf with the dubstep ? Fever 333... the rapping. Ugh. Ok
  6. Fever 333 tweeted something HT related too https://twitter.com/fever333/status/1321183537916071936/photo/1
  7. I think they wanted a producer outside the numetal scene, Rubin worked with U2 and many other different artists (even Slipknot) and they probably thought that another record with Gilmore would have definitely cathegorized them as a numetal band forever like Korn or LB, IMO.
  8. I asked Sean about God's afraid on Direct, I hope they'll consider the song for future releases.
  9. This thread is amazing 😊😍😍
  10. Same, I can see it coming for the big albums, maybe they’ll do something smaller for LT10 or OML10 or stuff like that
  11. Yeah agree on this. It’s a good result, and yeah the box set didn’t help, I mean it was expected that casual fans wouldn’t have bought a 200€ box set or the 2 cd box, so there’s nothing to be underwhelmed IMO. I mean OML sold 100k first week and it was a new record with 100% new songs, so this selling approximately 26k is good for what it is
  12. I think it’s pure sales, without streaming, but I might be wrong. I guess it’s #2 pure sales and #12 sales + streaming
  13. Yeah, obviously if they picked MS versions means that those sounded better, but I’d be sooo curious to hear Chester’s take on them 😊
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