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  1. It’s REEEEALLY different from anything Chester has ever put out in his career, and I appreciate that
  2. “Then”, the new album by Jaime Bennington is out today on Spotify and Apple Music, it’s a mellow and chill record reminiscent of some David Bowie and even the softer tracks on the 2013 QOTSA album “...Like Clockwork”. It’s really nice to see another Bennington putting out music, especially considering he is brave enough to completely stray away from his father’s footsteps. Give the album a spin!
  3. Love the first answer 😂😂😂 that’s what the 15 y.o. Me thought listening to MTM.
  4. Because one is "And One" and they got the title wrong (LOL)
  5. TBH I really don't see why he should release physical copies of this. Releasing them independently would be a shot in the foot, and Warner would probably refuse to put out a project that would sell a few hundreds of copies... I mean, not to be disrespectful at all but I consider myself a hardcore fan (meaning that I don't only own the 7 studio albums but also some LPU CDs, all the live albums and remixes, OOA....) and despite not hating at all DF project, I wouldn't buy physical copies
  6. Less than 3 weeks to Pictureboard with CB on vocals yeeeeeeeah
  7. Yeah incredible, I remember the homage to HT in The Catalyst video. LP journey has always been crazy like HT-ATS, then you get THP-OML 3 years apart
  8. Agree on this. It’s the only LP album that I’ve seen even non fans of the band (like some friends of mine) being like “not a fan of LP but ATS is good“. It’s undeniably their most complex record and the most artsy they got, I hope that if they carry on as a 5 piece they go wild and create something similar in the future, not in style but in terms of “spirit”.
  9. Imagine them dropping a scrapped song off ATS 😍😍😍
  10. Amazing record, can’t wait for the 20th anniversary (lol). Anyway, you see the passion and you see that Mike loves this album especially. To me the astonishing thing is that the record doesn’t get old, because it hasn’t a sound you can tie into a specific period of time (nu Metal, post grunge, modern pop...), but it has its own sound... you can really say that ATS sounds like... ATS. It’s art and it’s genre less (I mean you get Blackout, The Messenger and WTCFM on the same record). Oh and what about The Catalyst, it’s a genere on its own, sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard in my entire life
  11. Glad to see that license to Waltz is the worst song because I really don’t like it, can’t wait for ATJ (lol)
  12. It’s really cool. And proves once again that Chester was a vocal monster because she struggles to get some notes
  13. Hype for track #13, will check out the rest
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