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  1. Ok I’ll stop making jokes about Mike and his awesome groundbreaking music, I’ll make Amends, just give me a second chance lol 😂 Anyway, I Never attacked Dropped Frames, just said that I’m not huge on it, but I listen to some tracks from time to time.
  2. Like LOL I was kidding. Who’s bringing up the Mike vs GD argument again now ?
  3. Acting again like the "alternative guy" that doesn't want to be in the Top 5 LOL
  4. Totally see this, I mean Brad and Rob didn’t even join the reaction video back in March, and I’m not blaming them... if they can’t handle some things it’s pretty understandable
  5. Ok thank you 😊 Anyway, I totally understand Mike’s answer and think it’s 100% genuine and agree on what you guys said about Amends being very dark lyrically (many songs specifically talking about pain and death like JLH, In Time Sometimes and Morei Sky). The thing I don’t understand and bothers me a bit is the question by the interviewer, like oh yeah I’m shocked by the fact that Mike is not involved in something he’s never been part of, like ... lol
  6. Yeah same here, can’t play music during a trial or while writing a judicial act lol
  7. I gave it a spin, it's background music, I guess it's great if you're like drawing or dunno, painting or even relaxing. Very reminiscent of some videogame soundtracks
  8. Yeah they are remixing “She couldn’t” HYPE 😂😂😂😂 (just kidding).
  9. Sean confirmed on IG that on JLH scream is both Esjay Jones and Chester, but I could clearly hear Chester even before he told me, TBH
  10. Definitely ... I always thought that if didn’t happen that it’d have probably happened another day... yeah maybe we could have had some more months or even years With Chester, but it’s not anyone’s fault
  11. God, the first answer was fucking painful to read. Poor Mike 💔💔
  12. As I said in the shout box, this is the reaction I expected from Mike. It wouldn’t be easy for him to listen to Chester’s voice for long. Also, Amends is very personal lyrically, like ETR or Halfway Right or In Pieces. Basically every song cuts deep into Chester’s life and feelings. yeah is a very sad record, especially cause some songs even have hope for something good to come, and now that he’s gone it’s even more sad (best examples being Morei Sky and Sometimes).
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