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  1. Song is really cool, super strong LP vibes on that chorus
  2. Totally agree on this. I mean, I might forget about this remix in months but it’s not THAT bad. Definitely better than Recharged remixes of songs like Powerless or LITE or LGM (yikes)
  3. Yeah 😂 but on the other side this remix is not the shit some people think it is. After some spins it’s fun, it’s pretty similar to that BMTH song with Babymetal in a certain sense. About the songs I mentioned, I’m not hating on those songs or Mike obviously, the PT EP and stuff like Promises I can’t keep or IOU are great, and I even like Invisible and WAYW a lot, but those songs sound to my ears so underwritten and cheesy, like that PYW chorus, I hate it
  4. Better than Prove You Wrong, Ghosts, Welcome and Open Door, even tho those were meant to be serious songs🙃
  5. It’s funny, I mean I don’t think it’ GOOD in a serious sense, but I gave it a few more spins
  6. It’s so 2005 lol.Sounds almost like Babymetal 😂😂
  7. Yeah it’s very blackbear-ish to end songs abruptly. This one seems cut
  8. I fucking love it. Here is the track on YT (unofficial)
  9. Yeah unreleased material with CB on vocals will always be considered on a different light, even tho TBH I expected PB and CHB to be a little bit bigger among occasional fans.
  10. HT20 was a really good release, didn’t mean to say that at all. But I just don’t get the hype for demos they didn’t consider worth a HT20 release, considering that they threw in a lot of stuff
  11. If they didn’t consider to include those songs in HT20 I doubt it’s gonna be anything worth freaking out for. Don’t get the hype at all, last time I played anything from HT20 demos besides PB or S&M, CHB was middle October.
  12. Same man, slightly disappointed. I don’t know if I’ll purchase the vynil, even tho I really like the artwork
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