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  1. Sean Dowdell confirmed the album is coming at the end of this year. Source:me asking him in the comments on IG, lol. Can’t wait
  2. Really cool answer man😊 agree on many of the things you said, with obvious differences, Wastelands was a super cool pick! Love LOATR too.
  3. It’s not a bad call, it’s a classic, but not the best song on the record IMO.
  4. The lead single of an album is meant to be the song that captures the attention of fans (wether diehard or occasionals) and a way to present the record. With our fav band LP, we sometimes faced great choices, weird ones and simply not convincing picks. I personally think it this way, going on for each record: 1. OSC: this falls in the middle, it's not a bad choice IMO, presented the band with that aggressive/nu metal sound that was super popular, but on the other hand I think many will agree that OSC is one of the weakest songs off the record. 2. SIB: Good choice, radio fri
  5. Richard Patrick in the studio with GD recording vocals on a song ! https://instagram.com/stories/greydazeofficial/2548404189898409289?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=oehnik7kalt4
  6. I exactly thought this, let’s keep posting little updates that are basically not new-post worth until the bigger news comes out (first single release date/album name/album release date...). Dave Navarro working with them is great yeah, I love how they keep working with rock artists from the 90s, they keep the vibe of the original music.
  7. https://instagram.com/stories/greydazeofficial/2547079555596909324?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=2cfolgttsw8u The band has been working and teasing for a week, and today this story was posted. Is it a hint to the GD song called “Spin” or just a random thing ? We’ll see...
  8. UAAAA AAAHH AHHHA AAAAH AHH (I didn’t know how to mimic chipmunk sound)
  9. I want you to make a SFN night core version make me happy 😂😂😂😇😇
  10. Ok I listened for the 1st time in like 6 years to the abortion called “Lies Greed Misery” Dirtyphonycs remix, and I changed my mind: it’s less terrible than these remixes for 3 reasons: 1 the original song is better; 2 it’s not done by Mike but by a fan that happens to be a Dj; 3 at least it tries to do SOMETHING with the song and not just slow/reverb or faster. It’s A LOT MORE, the difference between a 3.5/10 and a 1/10.
  11. This would be dope, absolutely dope, instead of a standard Greatest Hits
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