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  1. Fine 😊 I honestly prefer the new guitar melody in the chorus. It’s more “rocky” than their original cover (lol original cover).
  2. OA and Promises are really good IMO. The rest a little bit less
  3. Same. And let me tell you, I like SFN and Invisible a lot more than most of PT.
  4. As highly anticipated, the DC Dark Nights Death Metal soundtrack is due out today, June 18, in digital form. As part of the soundtrack, Grey Daze released a new version of their Dramarama cover “Anything Anything”. We don’t know if the song is going to be part of the next Grey Daze record, or if they are releasing a different version (since on Instagram the band called this “retro version”). Check it out below
  5. I get what you say, as you can see, I gave a lot of “good but not great” ratings, because I feel the same way
  6. Scott is a super nice dude. He even wished me happy birthday on Facebook
  7. Maybe. Despite not being a big fan of the song, I was shocked to see that MIUAIG wasn't huge as a single
  8. I love the flow on IOU, even tho it's out of place on the record. Why do you call it "track" ?