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  1. Yeah I love the Reanimation version. So dope. About the original, the live version is cool, the studio version is alright but I never liked the way they did the bridge
  2. Hype 😊 this is the second thing I’m looking forward the most in the LP world besides Grey Daze upcoming album
  3. Didn’t watch the full thing because I can’t go past the fact that I don’t like her.
  4. Best: 1 BTH 2Catalyst 3 POA 4 Papercut 5WFTE 6 OML 7 Faint Worst: 1 Hit the floor 2 AFN 3 nobody’s listening 4 KTTK 5 LGM 6 War 7 In Between
  5. Yeah lol makes no sense at all. Very weird bug anyway
  6. NANANANANA UH NANANANA (could resist lol)
  7. Yesterday, on Amends’ first anniversary, Rene Mata shared a memory of what he wrote a year ago saying “something will always hurt”. The message was accompanied by a picture of him and Sean Dowdell. Here it is: “In June of 2018 I was completely lost and heartbroken. It was coming up on the first year without you. June was the first time I spoke to your brother @sean_dowdell . ( I know he brought us together & now he’s my brother ) I remember I was in tremendous pain depression almost hesitated and asked myself if I could do this? I knew one thing. I had to do this. What a journey these two years were. All the amazing people involved all the new friendships. All the love for you brotha . There were times I felt I couldn’t listen to another note and @jaybaumgardner was like we can do this. I’ve said this before I never got a chance to say goodbye. This is my goodbye to my brother. I will see again one day. Your a loved man and your light is still shining that love . Still bringing people together. Today your even shining brighter your beloved band @greydazeofficial is out for the world to hear today . I love you & I miss you @chesterbe #amends #foryouchester”.
  8. LOL I literally found out yesterday that Hardly Breathe is not an actual song. The rapping was really bad tho, I always skipped to Chester's part back in the day
  9. The bridge in the studio version is bad.
  10. The ALTNC Reboot is so weird...but it’s not horrible IMO. But the studio album songs names that are coming out are the expected ones: LGM, HTF, War, ...except for Valentine’s Day 😊
  11. I actually like them TBH, for what they are. I even own the Neon future album with DTB. But I can see you not being a fan 😊
  12. It’s really like the “oooh” in Roads Untraveled
  13. It’s What I’ve done ? Lol
  14. I think DTB is better than the first 5 songs of THP
  15. You’re a huge Steve Aoki fan buddy
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