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  1. The more I listen to This song The more I think The album will be Good and LP has a cool future ahead
  2. THIS IS GODLY, that ending is LP level of good.
  3. Yeah Sounds soooo Good compared to some of The other songs IMO
  4. I don t care about The genre honestly, in my playlists I literally have Julia Michaels and 5FDP side by side so... LOL
  5. Yea they seemed bored/ careless. I mean it s MIKE SHINODA, the leader of a multi platinum WW band since 2000, come on.
  6. Definitely cool, MGK, Chino, K Flay, song titles, it s all sooooo damn cool. The (unexpected for me) hype begins
  7. EU OML shows were awesome, Monza was crazy with 80k people singing. One of The best things I witnessed in my life
  8. I hope someday we ll Get Chester s unreleased demos but not in a new LP album, i think they need to separate Chester s era from The new era.
  9. Yeah it s true, it gets a deeper meaning but i was a Huge fan even before Chaz s passing
  10. OML is one of my fav LP songs and it was the same before july 20th. GG is fun, not great but good
  11. I was a bit meh about the last 2, but This is fucking great
  12. I am super thankful for every single thing he does, he doesn t owe us nothing.
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