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  1. Yeah, I’ll never understand people who ask him questions about his fav food/movie/places/family things or just ask him “say hello/it’s my birthday...” I mean there are a lot more interesting questions about music making, LP albums ... his solo stuff ...
  2. Love Robot Boy, it feels like a Chester song lirically ❤️
  3. Yeah agree on this, he needed a voice to give more “power” to the chorus but no screaming needed
  4. Nice, I stopped caring about the streams about a month ago (except for the Q&A) but it'll be nice to have some new Mike stuff on Spotify
  5. Love how they re-created the set of the video here
  6. Yeah that'd be great, even tho I'm not a huge fan of their newest material, their latest record is not for me, but thry have good songs
  7. Plus, Chester said a lot of times that the chances of having a new DBS album were zero (I remember a Q&A video where he was asked and said "Never!!!") so if the leaked demos are the only proper songs with vocals that differ from the original ones I doubt there's other material... sadly
  8. Nevere heard the song before, but we definitely need more albums after Amends gets released in a month
  9. Yeah that song could have basically been on LT or ATS, it’s a LP song definitely
  10. THIS. THIS. AGAIN, THIS. They tried something new, they did the writing process backwards and had collaborations with songwriters, and regardless about the opinion on the final result (I love it, you think it’s mediocre) you have to give credit to the band that could have just phoned in another LT-style album (I like LT but it’s safe) and instead decided to take a big risk
  11. I created this profile when the song dropped, and I love that line, so the nick stayed the same for 3 years. As of now, 3 years later, I really like the song lyrics as an insight on depression, and really like the live version of the song with just Chester. The studio version is pretty meh, not my least fav LP song but not great
  12. Hmmm I agree with Gg being fun but a bit out of place (the chorus is great tho) but this makes me think even more that another rap song would not fit on the album, instead I would have loved another song with more Chester-Mike interaction like the ending of SFN
  13. I really like OML as I said, but Amends is fucking great, yeah B12 is a bit of a mess but I like the new versions of Just like Heroin, She Shines and Syndrome better than most of Post Traumatic
  14. Love your provocative new name 😂😂😂😂😂I fucking Love Amends too
  15. A pop song with Mike rapping like Welcome ? Because I consider Welcome straight garbage, hated that song and the similar sounding Prove You Wrong since day one 🤪🤪sorry just my opinion
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