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  1. This finally showed up on Amazon.ca and it was only $200 plus tax, so I pre-ordered. I will probably never even listen to the vinyls, and that 6 track EP cover looks too creepy for me to ever frame and hang on my wall. I'm really excited the CDs and DVDs though! I wouldn't have paid $300 for this but I'll take it at $200. 

  2. This is really funny, thanks for posting!


    The fanatic: the one who knows the LPU tracks. He religiously supports that Primo is better than I'll Be Gone and he would kill to get all those instrumental Meteora demos with finished vocal lines. He also had fun watching each "Making Of" of the albums. This is the guy who's tired of setlists made of singles and wishes they would play Across the Line or Slip.


    This fits me perfectly, I'm a huge fan of Primo, Across the Line, and Slip! :) I've even said to my brother before that I think Primo is better than I'll Be Gone.

  3. I don't think they will get another lead singer, and honestly I wouldn't want them to. I would be very uncomfortable calling it Linkin Park with any other lead singer. If the five of them wanted to release LP8 without him, that would feel kind of wrong to me, but I would definitely still listen to it. I think the only way LP8 would be feel right to me is if at least a few of the songs have Chester's vocals from demos we've never heard before. They have recorded so much I believe they must have at least a few album-worthy songs with Chester's lead vocals.


    Aside from that, I think the best thing they could do going forward would be for the five of them to become the new Fort Minor. The name is well-known, and after Welcome they have a lot of freedom in where they could go next. I think between Mike's rapping and singing, with maybe some gang vocals from the rest of the band, they could pull off a FM album really well with the five of them.

  4. Linkin Park has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to their songs, they are what got me into music in the first place. I listen to them so often I felt like I knew Chester, and now I feel like I have lost a good friend today. He was a great inspiration to many people, he overcame so much and helped so many other people do the same. I am truly saddened he chose to end his own life. I can't imagine what the rest of the band is going through, losing someone you've worked so closely with for so many years is like losing a brother. On top of all that, he was also a husband and a father, and his family has my deepest sympathies.

  5. One More Light




    It has really good lyrics, but for me the song is too slow and the instrumental isn't interesting enough. It's still a good song, but I'd much rather listen to Talking to Myself, Battle Symphony, or Invisible. I like some of LP's softer songs like Shadow of the Day or TLTGYA because they build up to something, but One More Light doesn't really change much over it's 4 minutes.

  6. As someone who normally doesn't listen to pop at all, I liked this album more than I expected, especially after hearing it a few times. I really like Talking to Myself, Battle Symphony, and Invisible. I was impressed by Mike's performance in Sorry For Now, and it might be my favourite if not for the annoying "chipmunk" vocals. Halfway Right, Heavy, and Nobody Can Save Me are all pretty good, I'll need to see what I think after a few more listens. I heard Good Goodbye once and that was more than enough for me, it's probably in the running for my least favourite LP song.

  7. I am disappointed with this song. I wasn't expecting to love it, since I'm not at all a fan of the genre, but it just seemed so generic. The first verse is probably the worst vocals Chester has ever done. I don't usually like collaborations, but Kiiara's vocals are way better than Chester's.

  8. Wow, this looks awesome. The Catalyst, Lies Greed Misery, and Bleed It Out! I'm really hyped to hear these. To bad the physical copy is a limited run, though it's nice to know all the songs will be on the disc this time.

  9. What if "Painted Me Wrong" is the title of the album and it will be released February the 7th ?


    I don't think they will ever make an album with a personal pronoun in the title (and I hope they don't), I really like how they've named their past albums.

  10. Hi All I'm new to the forum and hope I've posted this in the correct place. I'm trying to rip the lying from you tracks from rock band 4 on ps4 but need some guidance on how to do it. Does anyone know how to?


    As far as I know they are very strongly encrypted, and I don't think anyone has broken it yet.

  11. Ah! you have discovered me!, Yes the uncles studio thing was just a false story.

    I just know an overlooked method of DIY extraction.

    I figured it out myself out of pure curiosity one day on Adobe Audition (Although can be done on any program with DAW)


    Astat, I admire your Knowledge on all this sort of stuff, Your Interpretation on what my "SuperXero" thing was awesome and almost even convinced myself into what i made actually was :D

    You are absolutely the smartest person i have ever come across when i come to forums trying to trick people into thinking i have some obscure rare stuff.


    And although it looks as if it would be impossible to do without originally having the stems, it can still be done DIY.

    And if you want to know how, i will tell you guys. It can be done by anyone to almost every audio file.


    Currently against your guys wishes i am looking for a Downloadable version for "LPU V.1" since you guys state that some tracks are mixed differently to the original Hybrid Theory EP version, If that is true i could potentially take advantage of that and get some pretty interesting results.

    I would buy it but i am to young to own any card to buy things of the Internet with :\


    And i gotta say i have been listening to LP for years, Since primary school and all through highschool, I had all the demo's and such downloaded and would always listen, LP always gave me such a weird mysterious vibe especially the demo's, The nostalgia is Strong when i listen to all those demo instrumentals on the LPU's like "coal" and "Divided".

    But although i was a strong listener to linkin park, i never really knew they had such a big fanbase,

    And this fanbase on this website and LPA has got to be one of the best fan-bases for any band ever.

    you have information about EVERYTHING, You have a freaking Compassion page where u state all the differences between demo's and such, That is amazing!


    And Thankyou Skipees and JZE for the compliment :)


    This is some really cool stuff you're doing. I'd love to hear you make multitracks or at least acapellas of some of their songs where we don't have one.

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