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  1. The songs themselves are fine, but I just don't like how it was mixed. For example, Talking to Myself sounds fucking awesome live, but the studio version is all 100% chill. The energy is lost somewhere in the mix. Really weird.

    The lyrics are touching. Everyone sounds great on the album, but I feel like whoever was responsible for mixing killed a lot of great natural vibes.

  2. I actually thought the video was fucking hilarious. Also I'm pretty sure that was the girl from Stranger Things.

    The video was intentionally made to be satirical and funny, and it definitely feels like it was influenced by Blood Dragon. It has the identical tone.

    Also Chester's face at the end when the girl starts flying is perfect.


    The girl you are talking about is Millie Bobby Brown, who is not in this video. lol. However, I can see why you thought that, especially with the vibe of the intro. Love the video and new music so far.


    Jesus christ check out Mike in the black hoodie and black hat. Bad-fucking-ass. I ran across this on my computer and immediately had to upload.

    You're right. It IS "bad-fucking-ass."


    That's why I don't understand what the fuck Mike is doing right now.


    B ) Oh yeah, it's just gonna be this one song. I don't plan on an album. I'm also doing maybe only one show. I don't know yet.


    We've all waited forever for this shit and then we get teased with a quickie... lol

  4. A "quantizing mechanism" doesn't make sense. If the musician was dragging behind the beat, how would it time correct their performance?

    It does make sense. It is possible in recording studios at this very moment. Just wait until it starts happening in a live atmosphere. All it would take is for the drummer to initiate the process. Everyone else follows along. I could easily see it happening, if it isn't already. Didn't Dave Grohl ALREADY slam Linkin Park years ago for using a click track or something as it is during live shows? I didn't agree with him then, but now I might reconsider.


    Of course, I'm assuming that you know that during a live performance, the feedback is usually going through a mixer/soundboard. Routing through a computer device to match up to a certain time sync would allow that to happen before it reaches to the point of what the audience hears. That's what is happening with Chester's current pitch correction, essentially. His raw vocals are going through the microphone and into a pedal, which gets pitch corrected through there into what is most likely into a mixer where effects are added on top of it and into the PA system. Of course, I don't know Linkin Park's initial sound setup. That is where your ol' pal Astat would be more familiar because I do not follow them that closely as much as I used to. I'm just giving you a general idea of where it would not be impossible.


    Fucking rabbit you feel like a member from belowempty 15 posts and you are so annoying lol, go watch some Street performers and shut the f....




    No need for the insults, man! I'm trying to be civilized here!


    Anyways, it doesn't matter guys. I didn't realize everyone was going to be moody about an opinion. It's whatever. Chester is making lots of $$$ and I am not.


    The end. :mellow:


    I don't care past my initial gripe.

  5. Atrocities? Are you fucking kidding me? I agree that Chester shouldn't be using pitch correction live, but to call them atrocities is a tad over dramatic, don't you think? Not to mention the fact that Chester really only uses it on two songs or so.


    No, I don't think it's "over dramatic."


    If I feel that such technologies are killing the definition of "performing," then I should be allowed to consider it exactly what I named it as.


    What's next? Feeding your guitars and drums through a quantizing mechanism so that you are perfectly on time for your audience that is PAYING HARD EARNED MONEY to see a performance? There has to come a point when you're either willingly tossing your money at robots playing music, or wishing to capture traditional energy that is delivered from an organic atmosphere.


    I prefer the latter.


  6. Oh god any rock act uses pitch correction, thats pretty normal.


    In a recording? Yes.


    Live performance? Nope. Not sure what bands you listen to where it is considered "normal". lol.


    It has bothered me he uses the pitch correction and they sample the vocals too, but that's a part of their "performance" now.

    I'm glad someone can agree with me. :ph34r:

  7. I don't want to lay down a huge post in the thread but I think one really cool thing that I have learned and apply to my life almost daily is my knowledge of world geography due to this band. Seeing where shows happen, where tours go, where festivals are, etc has educated me quite well in world geography. I know capitals, etc extremely well and have learned things about random places such as Macau and Hong Kong due to the shows there.


    You also learned how to lay down some raps in your bedroom over MSN Messenger.



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