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Preorder "Reseda Beach" by Styles Of Beyond

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Got my album a few days ago in the mail, along with the t-shirt and bonus disc. It's fucking awesome. Probably my favorite SOB album out of all 3. It's nice to finally hear good quality mp3s of the songs I've had for a while from the Ryu webcast. I hate the album version of Damn, it was way better with Michael Buble, but they probably didn't have permission to use that version or something. My favorite track is probably Dunky Fividendz but the whole album is amazing, I like every track except for the album version of Damn.


It's also nice to have all of Razor Tag without the Green Lantern remixes. I love it. It's simple, but cool to have. Hey You (Featuring Mike) has a different intro. I also love the bonus track called ''Kick Me Out'' because they played that on PR07 and I was waiting for all these years for it.

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