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Unreleased Hybrid Theory 6 Track Demo CD (by LPA)

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It's also entirely possible that the dates of the CD pressings don't correlate with when the recordings themselves date from. If this was a promo CD sent to 99X, maybe these were just the most recent versions of the songs they were authorized to send to people outside the label at that point.

That could be true, too.


If the Studio Final disc was internal-only, and had just been pressed the day before, the label probably wouldn't have wanted to send those out to a local radio station so early, so they put together a disc of earlier demos on May 8th and sent that out instead.


It just bothers me because I organize the demos by the dates printed on the cases, so the Studio Final is sitting above this 6-track. Oh well. Doesn't matter too much.


It's interesting that With You didn't appear to have an actual name at the time, considering "Dust Brothers" wouldn't really work as a song title.

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I can digitally recreate most of the cover in a few minutes


I like how most of the first page is just VIPs, Staff, Contributors, and so on :P


EDIT: Nevermind, what I pictured in my mind looked better than what came out. Looked like a 10 year old image editing on MSPaint

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The only LP song off of HT that we don't really have a ''demo'' for is Runaway. Stick N Move is a demo, but it sounds nothing like Runaway and it has no vocals unless you count the Xero demo and not the LPU9 version. Supposedly, the band wrote OSC about the frustration of trying to write Runaway, so you know there were probably tons of different changes in the song. Interesting..

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What about Pushing Me Away and Curr for the Itch (and possibly My December if you count that)?

'"The Cure'' on the HT unmastered studio finals CD sounds a lot different than the album version, and ''The Cure For Mr. Hahn's Itch'' from that album (Which is PMA), sounds a tad different as well, so I always kind of considered them demos. But I guess judging by that logic, Runaway from that album is kind of like a demo, too. I guess we really haven't heard EARLY forms of those 3 tracks, then. My bad.

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What took them so long?

I don't know.. It surprised me too...


while "Points of Authority" and "Untitled" are already released demos that were heard prior to the release of this album, albeit now in FLAC format.

What versions of these songs are they talking about?

I mean - this CD contains the same versions of POA and ITE as we already heard. Where did we hear them before?

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