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11.08.12 - Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube Live

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The only thing I can think of is maybe Lying From You/Papercut is a mashup too? Like one goes straight into the other or something. Otherwise there's absolutely no point in playing two half songs in favor of one full one.

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...They're actually playing the shortened versions of Lying From You and Papercut the way they did at the soundcheck. The fuck?

not bothered these days '12 LP is a damned good LP :D I'm still wondering if there's a medley going on here, I'll ost it normally and await confirmation tomorrow



haha woken up now, I'm allowed beer kiddo!

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12. Waiting For The End

13. Breaking The Habit


Other than the (currently) baffling Lying From You/Papercut situation, this is shaping up to be a pretty solid setlist.

it'll be interesting to hear what they're doing with it via DSP. good to hear new things IMO

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The lack of the LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent medley is also disappointing...hoping it just got moved somewhere else in the set or maybe they just dropped it tonight for some reason.


*Edit* Okay, false alarm, they just swapped it with BTH. :lol:

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you never know, 2012's shaping up nicely. if not tonight, another set on HCT perhaps...?

Hopefully. Waiting for this stuff is killing me.


Catalyst and BID crushed my hopes ;-;



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