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Can someone check their DSPs and let us know? I actually don't remember. I do have setlist scans for Skive, Lisbon and Madrid 2008 that we need to add to the site, and they're listed in that format. I'd check my Winter 2008 DSPs but I don't have access to them until Monday since I am traveling.


I believe it at least wasn't in 2007.

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Are Valentine's Day and In Between from the Given Up single mixed by Ethan Mates, or are they just the DSP audio? I downloaded the Given Up single a long time ago and I was just listening to it in my music library, and I noticed the tracks don't fade in and out like all of my other live tracks on singles and EP's and stuff.

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There's really no reason of doing it at this point.

The question is still relevant, since he's asking how to do it, the old way doesn't work anymore and you're not 100% sure.


So basically I want to know how to do it exactly too.

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