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Like we already posted on Twitter/Facebook yesterday, it's the Mill Ave Sport Rock Cafe in Tempe, AZ. Maybe May 2000, it's really hard to tell.


I don't think Scott played with them in 1999.

in the twitter it's with "(?)".


and now you answer "again", but you are not sure. what am i supposed to understand? :unsure:


you are sure about the place but not about the date?

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I just corrected the venue/place which makes May 27th 2000 a possible date for it. We don't know for sure if they played this place just once. They surely didn't do that many AZ shows in the early days, we just don't know.

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how many of the pro-shot videos (that we know about) were filmed specifically for use by the band? (i.e. for music videos/live releases etc., not just your usual TV broadcasts/webcasts)


obviously, we have -

Roxy 2000 (for use in OSC video, snippets in POA live video)

Docklands 2001 (for unreleased live DVD)

Houston 2003 (snippets, Live in Texas)

Irving 2003 (snippets, Live in texas)

EDIT: Roxy 2004 (Collision Course DVD)

EDIT: Webster Hall 2007 (cinema showings)

Milton Keynes 2008 (for RTR DVD)

EDIT: Madrid 2010 (ATS+)

Berlin 2012 (cinema showings)


but are there any others?

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Wasn't the Roxy 2004 show used for the Collision Course DVD? Also Madrid 2010 was filmed for ATS+ I believe.

both of them related to MTV, but i think we can count these too.


EDIT: Damn you Skipees.

Soul think i'm a Ninja because of this :lol: Edited by Skipees
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ah yes, of course. I always forget about Collision Course and ATS+

is that all?

they recorded a lot of shows that never saw a light of day like the Roxy 2000. are you trying to make "what is the next LPL exclusive?" list?


Edit: just saw your edit now. :lol:

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Edit: just saw your edit now. :lol:

haha, yes, I do that alot :P


thanks guys, this has been interesting.

odd that everything taped for HT was unreleased (until now..)


and that only HT seemed to have any live bits planned for a video. forgot Given Up -_-

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