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On 4/15/2019 at 8:04 PM, jeff10012003 said:



And I don't think we will ever get it.

The leaks that we've been getting might be sourced internally,which they gotten from the group may have already been merged. 

The only way we can get the real deal, is through the band's vault itself, much like how PMA was leaked.

Even stuff like PMA isn't the "real deal" in terms of tracks that are fully separated in a way that's consistent with what you'd see in a Pro Tools session. When you discard the timecode/click tracks being in there twice, you end up with 34 tracks for that song, but I can count 44 to 46 "raw" tracks that actually constitute all of the sounds. There's a lot of stuff that's a blend of multiple signals, especially on the guitar tracks (you almost never mic an amp with just one mic):


(Group A - Drums)

1. Sampled snare
2. Kick (blend of sampled kick/live kick - possibly a two-mic setup on the live kick as well)
3. Live snare (blend of top/bottom mics)
4. Hi-hat
5. Floor tom
6. Rack toms (blend of 2 tom mics - Rob had 2 rack toms and a floor tom on his HT-era kit, but all of the multitracks only have 2 tracks for all the toms)
7. Overhead L
8. Overhead R
9. Room L
10. Room R

(Group B - Bass)
11. Bass DI
12. Bass amp (blend of 2 mics)

(Group C - Guitars)
13. Rhythm guitar 1 (blend of 2 mics)
14. Rhythm guitar 2 (blend of 2 mics)
15. Rhythm guitar 3 (blend of 2 mics)
16. Rhythm guitar 4 (blend of 2 mics)
17. Clean guitar harmonics (blend of 2 mics + possibly a DI as well)

(Group D - Vocals)
18. Chester lead vocal
19. Last chorus harmony
20. Last chorus harmony double
21. Main chorus harmony
22. Main chorus harmony double
23. Mike rap vocals
24. Mike rap vocals double

(Group E - DJ, Keys, Synths, Drum Loops, Guitar/Vocal Overdubs, etc.)
25. Distorted drum loop
26. Sampled hi-hat loop
27. Beeping synth loop
28. Distorted ticking loop
29. Lo-fi octave guitar (blend of 2 mics)
30. Chopped guitar loop
31. Last chorus strings
32. End distorted drum loop
(Group F - Click/Timecode)
33. Click track
34. SMPTE timecode info


(I figured I'd label the groups because all of the HT multitracks are arranged in a consistent manner if you group them this way)

On top of that, all of the tracks are raw, so once you start getting into all of the aux tracks that would exist in a Pro Tools session for stuff like reverb send/returns, compressors, panning effects (like you hear on the beeping synth in the final mix), etc...when you hear Mike talk about sessions taking up 80-100 tracks, THAT'S what he's ultimately talking about.

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