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LPU Video Chat With Joe 1/26/11

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Since the LPU is practically gone now, anybody know a way to get old LPU chat transcripts? I asked Chester a question in a 2005 chat and it's like one of the only times I have ever been answered and I really would love the transcript for it...

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Joe just taken part in a chat with LPU members, he refused to talk about the Burning In The Skies videos other to say that it’s slow and will be out in about a month, he also said that:


* He loves Studio Ghibli films

* Loves Europe and Australia, and Switzerland

* He’s not a fan of 6 minute videos, dont expect them from LP

* No plans for any Mike Shinoda – Suru – DC shoes

* Usually Mike disagrees with his ideas for videos, and he does it anyway, and then Mike ends up liking it

* They haven’t made any plans for the 3d movie/show being mentioned in interviews but they are talking about it

* He was wearing an X-Men shirt he called the time when Jim Lee worked on it the golden age, and Wolverine is his favourite character

* He doesnt like modern video games, but he played Call Of Duty recently and liked it

* Favourite movies – Battle Royale (1 not 2), Oldboy, Fight Club, The Sound Of Music

* He doesn’t like singing or being photographed but he is forced to do it

* He has another toy being made in Japan which is more awesome than his Ningyo

* He has a small gundam collection

* He likes Ghost in the shell, Evangelion

* LP are planning something for Transformers 3

* Likes Sandman

* He hopes they don’t start playing A Place For My Head live again

* No plans for South American tour, they’ll be touring Europe and maybe Asia this year

* Red velvet and pistachio are his favourite cupcakes

* Favourite hobbies – paintball, gardening, punching thngs, comic books

* They chose The Prodigy to go on tour with them because they are awesome

* Likes both touring and being in the studio

* Likes going to casinos but they take all his money

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* No plans for South American tour, they'll be touring Europe and maybe Asia this year

I expect that they will visit the new European countries this year.

- that would be pretty cool. !!!  ;)

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