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The Rising Tied 5th Anniversary

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Though I am not a fan of LP having a bunch of side projects (I would prefer more Linkin Park music over anything), I feel like if Mike made another FM album now-a-days, it would completely destroy The Rising Tied.


Not to say TRT is bad, it's great, but Mike recently has really stepped his game up and pretty much said screw everyone else, I'm gonna make what I want. I feel like a second Fort Minor album would be amazing.

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Jeez, five years? That's fuckin' insane.

Fort Minor helped me discover that there is a massive world of music outside of rock and it's not all that bad.

Happy Birthday The Rising Tied, Well done Mr. Shinoda and thank you for teaching me how amazing diversity can be.

I started listing my favorite tracks but I was kind of listing the whole album.

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I got one of those awesome special editions that listed the bonus tracks on the case and the actual cd but didn't actually have the tracks. I remember it was the same day I got need for speed most wanted which had that awesome remix of S.O.B's superstars

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Linkin Park is holding up the next FM album.

Does that mean that there is a possibility of a new Fort Minor Album?


I hope there is! Posted Image




Fave Track: I love all the songs of FM but I always listen to Believe Me and one of the bonus tracks, There They Go.

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Funny how only recently I've managed to track down all of of the FM: Milita tracks. I've been listening to them & FM: We major for a while now So it seems fair I go back to the begining and listen to TRT again since I got bored of it around 07'-08'


Slip out the back & Kenji certainly are 2 of the best hip-hop songs I've ever heard.

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hey wait i didnt put lame album! minutes to midnight owns!


what the hell is going on here?! :unsure:

It was my clever attempt at sarcasm. I did that myself as I didn't like Minutes to Midnight.


That's why I put what I changed in italics, lol.

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