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LPUX Tracklisting


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According to LPA it is, but this contradicts Mark's report that they'll be playing a song they've never played live before. Plus its peculator they don't have Breaking the Habit in the set. We'll see.

Ok then, we'll see. am not checking LPA because am lazy and am watching The Pacific marathon in HBO. :D

*off topic*Any idea when LPL will be conducting the interview?

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lol, you shouldn't suspend LPUXEMO360, I doubt that its a legit download anyway.


But I'm not a moderator so I don't have a say anyway

i just told him his miranda rights thats all :P

anyway from what i *saw* the cover looked fake.

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Can someone please tell me if the setlist that was just posted is official?


Plus, if it is, I dont think LP would have put the song on the printed list anyway because they'd know it would leak before the show.


The "never before played" song that is.

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He did the same thing when Pretend to Be leaked and everyone was asking for it, and of course he didn't have it. He doesn't have Halo either, don't worry


I meet you man. I do these things when i'm so bored and nervous... I'm sorry for the inconveniences...

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