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16.10.2007 Hindmarsh, SA, Adelaide Entertainment Center, Australia and NZ Tour


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When I found out that Linkin Park were coming to Adelaide, I was barely a fan. I liked them and had heard all of the songs, and considered myself a big fan, but thinking back I wasn't. Anyway, I made my mum buy me tickets, but front general admission sold out, so i got back. at the concert i managed to swap tickets with a cornell fan and after cornell finished, we swapped. security was ok with it.


i waited for 2 fucking months for this show, not looking up the setlist i wanted it to be a complete surprise. the person i went to the show with was absent from school that day, so the day dragged on and on, felt like it went forever. after school i went to my friends house and we waited 2 long hours to get picked up. eventually we got picked up and driven to the show. i went in the back during chris cornell, and was bored out of my brains. finally chris finished, and i went outside to meet the cornell fan. we swapped tickets and i went in with my mate, getting close to the stage. there was a curtain surrounding the stage. eventually i heard someone tuning a guitar, and knew the moment was getting close. the lights went out and the crowd went wild. i could see the silhouette of every member, particularly brads hair. i heard crackling, and guitars, i knew it was wake. i wasnt to kno my at the time favoruite song (given up) was to follow


it finished and i was going nuts. i heard clapping and i screamed GIVEN UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! me and my friend moshed into eachother between many high fives. as the drums and guitars fell, the curtains dropped, revealing the band, and i went fucking NUTS!!!!!! i was jumping all over the place, and i saw that chester had a sling around his neck and his arm. WTF???? i thought it was a prop. during the intro to papercut mike explained it. man, that guy knows how to get a crowd going. before every song i had my phone out ready to record a place for my head, which was not played to my annoyance. during the encore i knew they would come back coz they hadnt played one step closer or in the end, the classics. the came back and played them, and followed with bleed it out. when rob did the solo, i think he messed up the start. it was reeeeeally slow, and i was thinkin come on rob, u can do better thn that. and he got faster and faster and faster, it was amazing. then the show ended and i have recordings of dont stay chorus, from the inside full, faint full, osc full, and in the end full. thanks


kieran (aka linkinmetalfanatic)

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