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Review of A Thousand Suns

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im not worried about the new album sounding different. thats what i want from them. everything LINKIN PARK has ever done has been f***ing AWESOME. dont matter if its from HT, METEORA, or MTM, they're all great albums, and for the record MTM is my favorite album. ive never been worried about anything linkin park has done other than one thing, LP calling it quits. the day linkin park retires will be the saddest day of my life :( ..... but their music lives on for as long as theres people, unless we blow ourselves up inside the fires of a thousand suns

I agree with this completely. I am not worried about anything from them, except them eventually breaking up.




They put a lot of layers and effects over the voices



maybe autotune is the wrong term...yes it is sorry.

Thank You Ana. Autotune is the wrong term


haha IKR?

but there is always something to complain about lol atleast people always find a way to complain

Yep, people always find a way to complain. I wish people would just realize there is better things to do in life then complain all the time


A hardcore Linkin Park fan isn't one that has liked Lp since HT, A hardcore fan is someone who appreciates HT, Meteora, MTM, and ATS and what the band are trying to achieve and the effort that has been put into to that piece of work.

I completely agree


Guitars mostly in the background, that's what pisses me off most. I'd rather have Joe missing from the album than Brad.

I agree with this, but I also think this might work well. We will find out though when ATS comes out.


After reading through 8 pages of complaining, everyone just needs to calm down and wait. The album will be out in less than a month and then everyone can give their review on ATS. This is Ana's view on ATS and she likes it. She has already said that it WAS NOT Auto-Tune and was vocal effects (less than what was used on The Catalyst).


If the album ends up sounding like 30STM, Muse, Innerpartysystem, and Pendulum like Ana said, then this will really be a change for LP. The good thing is that I like most of those bands anyways. I wouldn't worry people.

I agree. Quit complaining people. And especially Cause you HAVE NOT HEARD THE ALBUM YET!

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