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I have a question. Regarding material that can be shared here. Would the music videos and MP3 that were free to download on Linkinpark.com be allowed to be shared. These were available for free, but they are considered official material. But if they were free once, would the versions on the website be allowed to be shared. For example you can get the One Step Closer MV for free in RAM format on LinkinPark.com during 2000-2003

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I can't access the downloads for some reason. Every time I try to click on an mp3 or FLAC download link, it just redirects me to the main home page. Is anyone else having this problem or is it something to do with my browser?


UPDATE: Never mind, it's working.

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1 hour ago, Rasputin 93 said:

Is it possible that posts of the Homepage section won't show up in the unread content page? I want only posts from the forum to show up there. :)


Good catch.

You should no longer be able to see the Homepage category.

So those topics shouldn't appear as unread content in the forums.

If this doesn't solve the issue let me know.

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