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Reanimation 5.1 Layers

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i dont understnad why everybody is so happy & shock?


ive had this dvd for years & the rips & all that stuff already (AND IM NOT SHAREING! cause i have no idea how too put this kind of stuff on any website lol)


so to me & alot of people this is not that big, BUT! i do love it with my huge 5.1 surround sound speakers xD

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then why is everyone so exited about this?

The rips Agent2594 did years ago were done at a time when ripping a 5.1 mix from a DVD audio disc was a VERY complex process, one that involved the use of several different programs/tools, and having to convert the files between multiple formats to end up with playable mp3 versions of the different channels. I talked with him on MSN all the time back then, and I remember it being something that literally took him WEEKS to figure out. When he finally got it all done, the end result was listenable, but far from ideal - those rips are VERY distorted and really don't retain the full frequency range of the original mix. It's a lot easier to rip 5.1 mixes nowadays, and the results are a lot better-sounding, so the re-release would be a substantial upgrade to what's already out there.

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So thanks to my good friend Sean (HybridMeteora798) from back in the day, we're working on getting those lost Reanimation 5.1 layers back to everyone. The old LP remixer that went by the name "Agent" or "Bloodfrost" ripped them in like 2005...it seems everyone lost them that had them then.


I think that'll be the next LPL release. Not right here on the homepage of course because Warner will eat us for breakfast like a bowl of cereal, but I think we can do it via torrent like it was done 5 years ago. Wow has it been that long, haha?


Remember how cool those were? Those really gave some good insight into the album, I really loved those. In fact, I believe I purchased like 2 more copies of Reanimation just because of the stuff I heard in those layers.


Starting the work on getting those ripped now... Stay tuned!

So idk how old this topic is, but are they available yet or not? And if they are could you send me the torrent please?

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I hope that was not meant to be a serious comment...


I can't believe no one has done this yet, I think I could get it done if I had the DVD, I know a few things about DVD's and audio.

My only concern is if we should even post it here.


EDIT: After doing a bit of research, I think the reason it wasn't done until 2005 was that the used encryption method was uncracked until that point. The encryption seems to be the main complication here, as usual.

But as Astat said, years ago it was way more complicated than it is now.

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