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Happy Birthday, Hybrid Theory!

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really loved this record! i heard In The End first, but then i lost the connection to LP and finally came back to them in 2004!

Yeah me too Spikeminoda...


For that reason is that my favorite record is Meteora, but i love HT.

i love LP... is a reason to live...


My favorite song of HT is Papercut... one of the best song of the band...


Happy Birthday HT !!

Happy Day, LP !!!

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Wow, was the HT release so long ago? That's crazy, in a way. Back then I was ten and in primary school... The first song I heard was Crawling and even though I prefered another genre back then, I really liked the energy of this song. I've been a fan since then, but it was later when LP became one of my favorite bands.


I believe HT was LP's best album so far, followed by Meteora...I love all the "old school" songs and almost went crazy when they started to perform APFMH on stage again.

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Hell yeh. Killer album.

Makes me wonder if LP could ever make another that has some much power and style like this again. I'd like to think they probably could, but whether they will is another story! :D




Can't wait to see what LP and LPL have planned for HT's 10th...


One year to go starts now!

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Wow, this is only one of the few albums in my collection that never gets old. I still listen to it and find something new. How many albums can you say that about? That's the best part about it. I saw OSC's video and right after that came Crawling (how many times does that happen? Two videos of a new band, back to back.:P)......man, I remember running to the record store to buy this album. Damn, I still remember how much I loved it when I heard Papercut when I popped it into my discman. Fucking great record man. I think it's a classic, in real terms, cuz I truly believe that even LP themselves can't top it...like they REALLY cant, ya know. And that's not about disrespecting the band. Infact, I want them to top it so bad. But sometimes you create a gem, and it just gets the biggest place in the accolades. HT is THAT record. LP will come close, but they won't touch the perfection of HT.



P.S. - My favorite, With You. Samples never sounded so good on a song. Period.

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I was interested in LP from the fact that "Papercut" was played for some players' intros for the baseball games I went to. I didn't really and truly get into LP, though, until Meteora.


HT is a solid album, though. It's one of a handful I could leave on repeat for a few hours. That's what normally makes a good album for me, imho.


Best song on the CD at the beginning: "Papercut."

Presently: "A Place for My Head."


"Points" still rates highly.

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I don't remember when I first starting listening to LP, I know that it was early 2001 because I was pregnant with my daughter, and she would start kicking me when certain songs came on the radio, and One Step Closer was one that made her very active, and not so nice to my kidneys.

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its the best album in my life...the first Linkin Park song i heard was from the inside and after that i was senting messages to radio stations to put this song...I learned abou HT couple of years ago and since then the first thing i think every morning is HT :lol: .... this album fucking rocks....The best songs are


2.One Step Closer

3.A Place For My Head

4.In The End

5.By Myself



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A late post but happy birthday Hybrid Theory! My favorite song from the album is still Crawling, I love the studio version even though I don't dig the vocals on the newer live versions as much. I wore my Hybrid Theory era tee yesterday in celebration.

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