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Download: Jim Morrison's Poetry Reading November 08, 2006 (Chester, Perry Farrell & John Densmore)


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For those who don't know, The Doors was a huge influence for Chester on his developing years as he recalls on their 2006 self-titled biography "The Doors." He was particularly attracted to Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics and the band's atmospheric sound and looked at them for inspiration when he started writing his own songs. With his friend Jason Abner, Chester learned every The Doors song they could and the duo started performing covers around their hometown, eventually getting attention from other local musicians who invited Chester to join his first real band.


Fast forward a decade and a half, Chester had the opportunity to join The Doors on their 40th anniversary celebrations in 2006. The first part of which consisted of a reading of Jim Morrison's previously unpublished poetry in a bookstore named Book Soup alongside The Doors drummer John Densmore and Perry Farrell's then new band Satellite Party (formed after the break-up of Jane's Addiction).


It was recently brought to our attention that a video of Chester's reading from this day has surfaced online. He performed three spoken word passages from Jim's poem 'New Creatures.' Watch it below.



Recollecting that an audio recording of the event was released on the Book Soup website in 2006, we dug through our archives and were able to uncover the full-length 39-minute audio. Download or listen below.


Download MP3 (160kbps)

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