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Fort Minor Live Shows ( 2005 - 2006)


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Hello everyone
Last year a friend of mine send me some cool videos from FM's shows and he wanted me to share it with you guys but I forgot about it until recently I was cleaning up my SSD. These video sources are too little to upload them separately so I'm gonna upload them as a one folder. The quality is not great but this videos are the only thing left from these show.

I wanted to upload this folder on lp-bits but I keep getting some kind of error so I upload it on MEGA


Here is the List of the shows
02.24.2006 - Taipei Soccer Stadium, Taipei, Taiwan
02.26.2006 - Aktive Square, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand
02.28.2006 - Bukit Kiara Indoor Venue, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03.04.2006 - Enmore Theater, New town, Sydney, Australia
08.25.2005 - Rock En Seine Festival, Paris, France
11.14.2005 - Mean Fiddler, London, England
11.16.2005 - The Docks, Hamburg, Germany
Reading Festival 2005
Enth E Nd from Singapore 2006
Pukkelpop 2005 Raw file


Hope you like it. Sorry for little information




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52 minutes ago, JZ-GreyDazePatheticWorship said:

for sure!


by the way guys, what's the best audience recording of the original FM era? most of the recordings that i've heard sound like shit

Club Tattoo I guess. Maybe Toronto. Everything else is either a digicam or cellphone recording.

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