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New renforshort x Mike Shinoda Collaboration Coming?


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In a recent interview to NME, Canadian singer renforshort (real name Lauren Isenberg) told the magazine about the "mentorship" she got from Yungblud and Mike Shinoda. Last year Mike remixed her hit single 'I Drive Me Mad' from her Teenage Angst EP. Speaking about the collaboration, she revealed they have worked on more music together which might be released in the near future. She said:


“Also, Mike Shinoda ended up being a huge mentor for me. He gave me so many tips and just things that I wouldn’t otherwise know about the music industry. From that point on, we’ve had a beautiful relationship.”


“I’ve had dinner with his family, we’ve spent a few days together making music, it’s crazy. I made slime with his daughters. If you’d told me even three years ago that I’d be making slime with Mike Shinoda’s daughters I’d have said, ‘Oh shut up! No I won’t.”


She will be putting the final touches on her debut album once her tour with Yungblud is wrapped up in late October.


“It’s all done. I’m so particular about the final product. I had a call recently and said that we just needed to give it 10 per cent more of everything to make it perfect in my eyes, or as perfect as anything could be. It’s done – it just needs to be more done! The foundation is there, it’s just little things like making sure the mix is perfect.”


Listen to Mike Shinoda's remix of 'I Drive Me Mad' and watch him breaking down the track:



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