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LPLive Interview with Ryan Shuck


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Ryan Shuck started his music career in the late 80's as a member of the funk metal band Sexart, alongside Korn's Jonathan Davis and Adema's Dave DeRoo, where he co-wrote the original versions of Korn's fan favorites "Blind" and "Daddy." He rose to fame in the 90's as a member of Orgy when their acclaimed blend of electronic music and rock, dubbed "death-pop," secured their debut album a Platinum certification. During the sessions for their second studio album, Vapor Transmission, at NRG Recording Studios he came across a newly signed band called Hybrid Theory working on their debut album and clicked right away with the group's lead singer Chester Bennington.


Along with Orgy bandmate Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck started a side project named Julien-K after disagreements with vocalist Jay Gordon on the musical direction of the band. Chester Bennington was instrumental in the project's early sessions by instructing Ryan on how to sing and became so excited with the progression they were making that he asked to join Julien-K. This obviously didn't happen, but instead the duo joined forces with Chester on a new project that worked simultaniously with Julien-K, eventually becoming Dead By Sunrise.


In 2019, Ryan Shuck joined forces with Dave DeRoo once again, this time as the lead singer for Adema after failed attempts to convince their original singer Mark Chavez to return to the group. They have recently recorded a new album produced by Ryan's longtime collaborator Amir Derakh and have started teasing an August 2021 release for the first single with the new vocalist.


Hybrid Origins: A Look Back At The Early Days


We sat down with Ryan Shuck to discuss his relationship and work with Chester Bennington throughout the years and the upcoming Adema music. Check out the video below or read our rundown and notes in the link above.



Back in March of this year we reported that Julien-K were planning to do a Patreon series where they'll break down Dead By Sunrise songs from Out Of Ashes. Ryan Shuck said on the occasion:


"We're gonna talk about the making of Out Of Ashes. We're gonna actually gonna get through every song, through a few months, track by track. We're gonna go through the demos, and we're gonna isolate Chester, we're gonna isolate all parts, the guitars and all of this kind of stuff. And just spend some time really talking about it and celebrating an album that we know that Chester loved and did such an amazing work on it. And you know, these demos, a lot of people haven't heard them. If you haven't already joined us on our Patreon we do a lot of cool events and stuff, but we're gonna do that very special thing for our Dead By Sunrise fans too. It really hit me today that I want to do this, I want to share this stuff with you, because it really matters to me that we continue to share Dead By Sunrise and support you guys and you guys support us."


He told us they still want to do it, with the possibility of it being a year-long live streaming series where fans can ask questions about the songs in real time, but they'd need to have enough people following the series to justify the costs. So if this is something you would like to see, make sure to spread the word, make some noise on social media to let them know you're interested and don't forget to subscribe to Julien-K on Patreon when the series starts!


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One of best interview from the last couple of months

Also it was obvious but is pretty cool that Ryan semi confirmed that Chester did the backing vocals on Technical Difficulties

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This was just great, I loved his little stories about Chester from back in the day. Really excited about that Out of Ashes breakdown series, I might join their Patreon soon

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