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LPLive Interview with Geoff Antonio


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Prior to the release of Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park had many different bass players. When Mark Wakefield was fired from the band, their original bassist Dave Farrell left Xero as well to tour with his highschool band Tasty Snax leaving another gap in the line-up. According to Mike Shinoda, Dave was a perfect fit for the band and they were never able to find the right replacement. This led to his return in November 2000.


For today's piece we wrote, with a little input from Scott Koziol, an overview of known bass players who auditioned or have been part of the band in the meantime. You'll notice an obvious omission in there. Yes, this was on purpose.


In addition, we have an interview with Geoff Antonio, a podcast host and musician natural from Virginia Beach who happens to be a previously unknown candidate for the position in Linkin Park. He detailed all about the band's bass player audition process during that period.


Hybrid Origins: A Look Back At The Early Days


Below is an episode of Marc Ostrick's Lockout featuring Hybrid Theory rehearsing a couple of songs with Scott Koziol at Hollywood Rehearsal Studios, the same place auditions for the band were held.



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