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I have news about "an untitled track" from one of the 4 Track Tapes

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so I was on the Xero page of Linkinpedia and I have just found out that "an untitled track" is infact Dialate.

So now we know the full tracklist is:

1. Fuse

2. Dialate (an untitled track)

3. Stick N' Move

4. Reading My Eyes


Edit: You can now download the tape


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Just now, LPsMart said:

yeah but what's their source? it doesn't say that it'S Dialate  in the book

If you go on the Xero Tape page on Linkinpedia the blue text that says "an untitled track" redirects you to the dialate page


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13 hours ago, RogueSoul said:

it's gonna blow this guy's mind when he finds out who wrote Linkinpedia lol

hahaha I was thinking the same thing, but still I wonder why this theory is infact on there. has lplu inside info from Astat/JB or is this just interpretation of JB's "The second song, with no title, incorporated a lot of hip hop. I loved the beat, the rapping was old school, and it had a simplistic guitar line with tasty harmonics that was instantly memorable. The song transitioned into an Alice In Chains-style chorus followed by a Rage Against the Machine-style guitar breakdown, with a hard-edged bridge that really impressed me." ? 'Cause that could have been any unknown song from that era, by that description.

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