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LPLive Interview with Jeff Blue and Rob McDermott Out Now

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"Linkin Park was always the band that never got that kind of respect, until they just took it." - Rob McDermott


LPLive is excited to bring you an exclusive we teased a few months ago, with the launch of a multi-part interview series with former Linkin Park A&R director/author of the new book One Step Closer - From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park, Jeff Blue, and former Linkin Park manager (2000-2010)/Mad Mac Entertainment CEO, Rob McDermott.


LPLive staff member Anthony (Astat) conducted this interview back in January, and in an overwhelming display of generosity, Jeff and Rob hung out for over THREE HOURS, answering every question we could think of to throw at them. Special thanks to all the community members who submitted questions - we got a lot of good ones! Getting all this footage edited into a coherent interview took a while, but we think it was worth the wait. The first three parts are live now, with more installments coming soon!


In Part 1, Jeff discusses why he decided to write a book about his experiences working behind the scenes on what became the best-selling debut album of the 21st century. As hard as it is to believe knowing their success today, Linkin Park was rejected a total of 44 times by just about every record label you can think of, including 3 times by the label that ultimately signed them, Warner Brothers! Everybody experiences rejection, up to and including some of the most successful artists in the world. Having been involved with a group that experienced it to an extreme degree and still overcame it, Jeff wants to tell the story as a way to inspire and motivate other people, regardless of their career path. Rob stresses the importance of staying true to yourself and building a good support system around you, both professionally and personally.



In Part 2, Jeff talks about how a lecture he did at UCLA led to a young Brad Delson showing up in his office and talking his way into getting hired as an intern, which ultimately paved the way for Jeff to sign Brad's band (then known as Xero) to a development deal, and later a publishing deal. Rob and Jeff then take some time to describe their respective jobs in management and A&R, and the differences between them.



In Part 3, Jeff and Rob talk about what draws them to artists they want to work with: Passion, authenticity, motivation, and the importance of an immediately identifiable sound. Rob mentions the importance of an artist's management not working harder than the artist, and Anthony and Jeff talk about the difference between being the most talented person at what you do and being "iconic." Jeff even brings up a name a lot of Linkin Park fans will know, grandson (who guested on "Running From My Shadow" on Mike Shinoda's album Post Traumatic)!



We'll be updating this as more installments are posted. Follow LPLive on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so you don't miss when the next video comes out. Or, better yet, subscribe to Jeff's YouTube channel and find out straight from the source! Go ahead and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too while you're at it, and you can find Rob on Instagram and Twitter as well.


One Step Closer - From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park is available now in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook from all major retailers.


HUGE thanks to Jeff Blue and Rob McDermott for taking the time to do this, and a big thank-you to Jenica Martinez for handling the majority of the video editing as well!

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I'm a huge fan of this book much respect to Jeff Blue I do believe that without him Linkin Park would not exist.


Astat thanks for doing this interview I know that you consider me annoying as fuck haha but I respect you and admire your work for the LP community since the early days.


The book really makes you feel inside that period of time and makes you feel sad with all the struggles that they experienced.


My favorite era will always be the HT days cause I lived that era I visited linkinpark.com everyday it was actually a cool website and the community was awesome, I'm so proud of being an LP hard-core fan since 2001.


One question Astat

Is Jeff in good terms with the band?




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This is amazing! I´ve been wainting for this since LPLive anounce it, back in January 14. Looking foward for the next videos! Thank you Jeff, Rob, Astat and the entire staff of LPLive!

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