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One Step Closer (Zeta's Bonzai Show 2001)


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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hed PE's second studio album, Broke, the band's former guitarist Chad Benekos put together and released last August the documentary "Touring For Broke: A (hed)p.e. Film."


It's no secret that during this album's touring cycle they shared the stage many times with Linkin Park, starting in 2000 when both band's were supporting acts on P.O.D.'s Kings Of The Game Tour and later during Linkin Park's own Countdown To Revolution Tour. Starting at the 11:11mins mark on the documentary you can see Chester Bennington singing a cover of 'Pets' by Porno For Pyros.



Before the Countdown To Revolution show in Cedar Rapids, IA on November 30, 2001, members of (həd) p.e, The Apex Theory and Chester performed an improvised acoustic jam backstage as revealed by musician Zac Polk in 2017. He wrote on Facebook:


I got to be around Chester a couple times. Several years back, my boys from hed pe were touring with Linkin Park. Before the show we were all sitting backstage and one of the guys from one of the other bands (possibly Apex Theory?) Picked up an acoustic and starting playing a bunch of random covers, blues songs, etc. Chester was in the room and sat down and started singing and everyone just stopped what they were doing to listen. The dude was a true talent. I haven't kept up or listened to them in a while, but Hybrid Theory had a big influence on me.


Another person that got to be around during the jam posted: "So sad to hear about the death of Chester from linkin park, met those guys several times over the years one of my best times was singing acoustic sublime songs with him and the guys in hed pe."


To promote the documentary, Benekos also put together some brand new music videos for the songs on the album and the video for 'I Got You' happens to have footage of Chester on stage with (hed) p.e. at Zeta's Bonzai Show in Miami, FL on April 27, 2001. Our staff member Lestat contacted Benekos to inquire about the footage and he told us there is some cool footage of Chester with (hed) p.e. and Jared Gomes with Linkin Park that he might put out in the future.


Well, the future is now and here is a full video of Jared singing 'One Step Closer' with Linkin Park in Miami:



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Well that's fucking awesome! One of the best videos to surface in recent years... the band is really rocking here. Really good stuff. Would have loved more amateur stuff like this on HT20 via social media by the band, like Step Up that they posted.


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