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Unreleased Missouri 2001 Ozzfest Show

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"It's a hot motherfucker today!"

There's just about nothing we love more here at LPLive than finding unreleased Linkin Park recordings made in years past, and we have luckily stumbled upon a brand new recording of Linkin Park on Ozzfest 2001 again thanks to our good friend and resident collector Felipe. This is actually the first recording in quite some time to surface in the LP community.

The sixth show of the Ozzfest tour landed in Maryland Heights, MO just outside of St. Louis at Riverport Amphitheatre. LP was just getting into the groove of Ozzfest, settling down with their finalized setlist for the tour after experimenting with the order of the tracks during the first few shows. As you would expect, their set was heavy, direct to the point, and expletive-ridden to get the Ozzfest crowd pumped up. By this point in their touring career, they had mastered these Hybrid Theory tracks after performing them so many times in the past few years. Chester was quite a wild guy on stage in 2000, 2001, and 2002... talking about marijuana after 'Points Of Authority' at this show but bringing the brutally heavy screams on each and every song.


This recording contains the first 5 songs of the set. Thanks to the taper Fred H., we can now hear these tracks 7,221 days later - one of the longest times since any recording has been liberated in the LP community. The setlist in the show includes 'With You', 'Runaway', 'Papercut', 'Points Of Authority' and 'By Myself'. Of note to us that collect all of the recordings... it's cool to hear Chester with a few vocals on the show intro before 'With You'.



Check out the show page here.


Again - thank you to Fred H. for the recording and thank you to Felipe for always working to get these recordings out to the public!


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