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Mike Shinoda - "Happy Endings" (Feb 19, 2021)

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After hinting at some big news already yesterday on his Twitch and ending the stream with "we will have plenty to talk about tomorrow", Mike just posted a short snippet of music around lunchtime PST on February 16th. He tweeted, "Something big is coming this week. #HappyEndings"


On Twitch today, Mike said that he would talk more about the post tomorrow, on February 17th.

While we don't know what Mike is up to currently, he did make a comment on Twitch in fall 2020 (paraphrasing) like, "When I stream on Twitch, it's only for a few hours in the middle of the day. You guys know I do stuff after that, right?" As well as another hint where he said something to the effect of, "You guys don't know what all I do off of Twitch!" As creative as Mike is, it wouldn't be surprising to hear that he is working on new music.


Mike's latest releases have included the Dropped Frames albums, several instrumental tracks through his Twitch streaming, his remix of 'Passenger' (Deftones), and a series of production sessions with independent artists. Finally, he also has a 'Sleepy Track' session that he is looking to release sometime this year. 


Since it is something big I assume it will be at least a new song, probably a new album? What do you guys think?


EDIT: Mike will be releasing a song entitled 'Happy Endings' featuring iann dorr and UPSAHL. Ten videos of the song will be sold on Zora, and Mike will release the full song publicly on February 19, 2021.

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It is indeed very interesting. I remember song names and releases getting leaked through Shazam years ago but that didn't work in ages so I actually already gave up on my research for the evening after trying out my usual things.

I don't think it was "intended" to be found there though. Genius also recognises the song (it will place the artists and the title in the search bar, but it won't find any search result) so it is not exclusive to Shazam. I assume the song is already in all kinds of databases but just not released on actual stores/services.

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1 minute ago, PurpleFlinstoneVitamins92 said:

The same guy who mixed LT and some tracks of OML ? (IIRC “talking to myself”)

Yes. 6 songs from OML. He also mixed most of Post Traumatic. 

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