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Pictureboard - which version do you prefer?


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  1. 1. Which version do you prefer?

    • Linkin Park version (with Chester on vocals)
    • Xero version (with Mark on vocals)

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Now that we've got access to both versions of Pictureboard - which one do you guys prefer?

Personally, I'm kind of disappointed by the Chester version. I'd say that Pictureboard is the only song, in which Mark's vocals are clearly superior. The Xero demo just feels tighter and more cohesive overall. After listening to both tracks back to back, Mike's vocals on the Linkin Park version sound like he's about to fall asleep (as opposed to his more energetic and aggresive performance on the Xero demo).

What do you guys think though?

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I'm kind of torn on it.


While I don't think Mark sounds bad on the original, he does and always will have that amateur sound to him that knocks him down a few pegs (though that dude goes crazy on Esaul, that was amazing). Chester's vocal take is also completely different, and while I would have liked to hear a straighter re-enactment of Mark's original vocal, the things Chester does on that song are great.


Mike, though, sounds like shit, lmao. Maybe not shit, but it's very clearly a worse vocal take to me. He's absolutely more energetic on the Xero version. I wonder if he had soured on the song by that point.


Overall, I think Chester's vocals put the LP version over the top for me, though I'd love to hear a version where Mike's stuff is spliced in from the Xero version, though the vocal overlap probably makes that impossible.

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Is the Mark version available somewhere?


4 minutes ago, tonirali said:

I haven't been here in a while, but where's the Mark version of Pictureboard? Only heard the one on HT20, that's with Chester right?

Same here,  I though someone uploaded to soundcloud and then deleted it

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Xero version. Chester's singing is better of course, but I don't really like his take on the chorus melody. Mike's performance is way better on the Xero version too, and I don't like the overlapping vocals on the bridge of the LP version.

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On 10/9/2020 at 8:38 PM, JZLP-AmendsUltimateFan said:

Chester's early demos have that Grey Daze vibe he sings very soft 


This song needed more power in his vocals


Still there's no way that Mark is better than him in any song 


He was a karaoke singer, he sounded good on the verses because he was whispering.

Yeah “Blue” is basically Grey Daze + early Xero + weird Crawling chorus thrown at the end 😂😂love it so fucking weird and random 

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2 hours ago, MetalNacional said:

Mark vocals fits it perfectly, I hope we can get that version in the same quality as the Forgotten Demos one day...


Also gotta say I think Mike sounds better on the Chester version though.

To me everything sounds better on the HT20 version with Chester. I remember hearing the other in august and thinking it sounded really bad and clunky. The Chester version is very rough and he sounds weird too but to me is a great improvement. Really from my personal point of view if it depended only on me this thread would not exist 😂😂 (no offence to Mark, he was crucial in forming Xero and is really good on stuff like Dialate) 

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Pretty much what everyone has said - Chester's vocal performance is more impressive and he just has the more pleasing voice, but I kinda prefer the way Mark's sits in the song and his melody. I think just having the multitracks and doing some mixing on the Chester version would probably do wonders though and maybe bump it up. 

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