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Dude, LPL should totally try and get Mike to give us this song. I know there has to be an mp3 on some hard drive or something, especially if they used some of it in LPTV and the clip from the Meteora DVD shows that it had vocals done. It sounds like such a kick ass song, I've had the clip for a while and I really like it after all this time and that's based off of like a 5 second clip!

There's a very slim chance of this happening, but I do want that extended clip that's been mentioned earlier in the thread.

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Well it’s obviously the same song. That’s like an interesting lead they used for it. Kinda sounds like a distorted ukulele. I recently found a third source of the song instrumental the verse part is in “Mikes Shirt” LPUTV. It has to be the same song because it’s the same exact beat. The notes also sound the same if you listen carefully through headphones after the heavy part in that download clip above.


I think we should bring back this thread, since pic-board has been released now, I think this song is the next biggest mystery after pic-board, along with other tracks like A.06, and “Rob’s Drum track” the song at the 10 minute mark in Making of Meteora. After all, Nobody in the band has talked about the track and I really wanna know more about it. I wanna know the story of why it didn’t make it to the album and stuff like that.

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