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Linkin Park Announces "Hybrid Theory 20" Release

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LPFuse fansite in 2006:


Towards the end of the "Making of Breaking The Habit" DVD, a black and white montage is shown. The full length clip, intended to express emotions, was supposed to appear on frat party 2.


Wow. Photo: http://web.archive.org/web/20060623004309im_/http://www.lpfuse.co.uk/gfx/bth_hand.jpg


It's right here: https://youtu.be/JcEHMh2tmXk?t=944

But this is Breaking the Habit live in 2004 with fans singing in the crowd too. So it seems unrelated to this DVD we are getting.


Looks like they had a lot of footage they shot for Meteora, which turned into LPTV episodes in 2007.

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2 hours ago, Astat said:

All of the music video footage in the trailer is widescreen, except One Step Closer. I think some of them are upgraded.


To echo: the footage used in the trailer is for sure HD compared to the standard definition currently on YouTube. So hopefully management replace the current 480p for 1080p

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1 hour ago, FaintAuthorityLP said:

This is whats stopping me from getting it from Amazon Uk since I'm in the US and the i assume the DVDs would be in PAL


Yeah, I didn't want to risk it just to save $50 bucks .... hahahah so I went with the US price.

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Would be a nice move to allow for single ‘cd’ purchases for download rather than £50 for all... realistically the only track list there that most likely require is the Forgotten Demos, I imagine most ‘hardcore’ fans already have mp3s of the rest. I’d more than happily pay £10 for just that. 

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I don't think there was a huge need to put music videos separately in the package, since they're all on Frat Party DVD anyway. I think a quality upgrade on youtube is a much better idea, which I hope we get.

Putting Docklands arena show instead of Rock am Ring could've been better, but they're both amazing shows, so for some people who are gonna buy the box-set that haven't seen the show RaR is a good one anyway. Daylight and festival vibe, a bit different atmosphere than PR '02 and the Fillmore. Not to forget that there are many live tracks from Docklands show on LPU and B-Side Rarities.

And I love that everyone can enjoy and experience this release, no matter you can afford or able to buy it or not. They've done a great job. Can't wait for it.

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has anyone managed to find out what the Projekt Revolution 2002 show was?

as they said, it will be "3 Full Shows" never released.

some previous comments suggested Colorado Springs, but this is not the case, because in Colorado Springs Chester is wearing a white shirt, rob is without a cap, and Mr. Hahn's shirt is also different.

i believe it can be in las vegas this show:

I think this show is very likely.

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10 minutes ago, sordomuda said:

I have bought mine on german Amazon so i hope i am safe 🤡

Lucky you, to Mexico all orders on Euros (Spain, Germany, etc) cost the same as the US pricing, except the one from the UK that costs $50.


You'll be fine, I believe in Germany they use NTSC.

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The three DVDs, meanwhile, will feature more than 95 minutes of never-before-seen footage and other extras. There will be a direct replica of the band’s first documentary, 2001’s Frat Party at the Pankake Festival, and two full concerts from 2001, one at the Fillmore in San Francisco and the other at Rock AM Ring in Germany. The third disc, Live Projekt Revolution 2002, will boast an hour of unseen live footage from Las Vegas and San Diego, plus a 45-minute sequel to Frat Party, dubbed The Sequel to the Worst Name We’ve Ever Come Up With, that will boast previously unavailable backstage footage and interviews.

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RaR feels weird, kind of. But it was also one of LP's first really big festival crowd shows + on foreign soil. So it has some place in their history. I remember vividly how great it was, to see them "live" for the very first time via stream that day. Always loved the show because even though the weather is poor and it is daylight (rather cloudy though) they absolutely rocked the place. It also adds variety when you already have two indoor shows, one smaller and one pretty big.

Anyway, I'm so hyped :)! Very cool to see all your enthusiasm aswell!

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