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Linkin Park's Old Band Computer

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Just now, YRQRM0 said:

I don't doubt you. I wonder if Adam realizes that the password is literally impossible to get today though, versus just being sure that we most likely won't get it for a few days because it's something impossible to guess and implemented in a way that we won't get to type it until then. 


The password doesn't matter. Even if you have the correct password: the server is not responding with any content we don't already see right now.

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One message for non IT members, there is no magic to do from the front end. It's true, that maybe there are one function from the backend( we are forgotting server side rendering? it's possible to mix it with front-end code)that shows the new options. What is weird for me, Adam says that with the correct password, we access what we want. I swear there is something there, and not in the code....

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Things I found so far:

  • E-Mails, but they seem rather uninteresting to me
  • New Light Theme


There seem to be more themes that will probably appear in the next few days:

  • neon
  • cool
  • sepia
  • inverted


This is the only new image related to the new theme that I can find:


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ICQ is a no go, i just checked. 246-357-457 does not exist.


Ok so I think one of the next steps (or one of the very last) would be to repair corrupted music files using defraggler (because what other purpose for it there? hah)

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