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Linkin Park's Old Band Computer


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4 minutes ago, LPsMart said:

it's been in hq on Songs From The Underground along with And One, we got half the EP in hq already


He might mean the demo of Part of Me. The one where Chester screams "cut myself free."


But there isn't a 13th track on this CD. It's only 12. 

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19 minutes ago, lpplus said:

Do you guys think there will be any new live proshot videos from that era?

what if we get their first show with Chester

There's a rumor that Fillmore 2001 and a Projekt Revolution 2002 show will be release

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I think if Hybrid Theory is part of the release it will most certainly be the edition with high voltage/my december. One thing I'd love is for them to have it where the transition between high voltage and cure for the itch happens as originally planned. 


Also, it's got me wondering if there will be some live recordings included as well, especially stuff that might be lesser-known by casual fans like Pushing Me Away on piano, My December live, etc. 

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